[MP3] The Alexandria Kleztet: “Cantina Band”

alexandria kleztet

Normally I wouldn’t give much mind to a CD in my mailbox from a Klezmer band. I appreciate the thought, guys! That’s just not really what we do here. But I thought I would give the D.C.-area Alexandria Kleztet a chance. And it’s a good thing I did! In between their traditional Jewish Klezmer songs was a song called “Cantina Band,” and yes it’s that same “Cantina Band” from 1977’s Star Wars.

Now, I’m no huge fan of the series. I appreciate them, they’re good, but even a non-fanboy like myself found great amusement and appreciation in this little band’s cover of an adorable classic. The band’s album, Peace, Love and Coffee is out now and available on Amazon.

The Alexandria Kleztet – “Cantina Band” [MP3]

The Alexandria Kleztet on Myspace

The original Cantina Scene from Star Wars after the jump.

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