In Case You Missed It: Week In Review


You were WAY too busy rewatching old episodes of Reading Rainbow to read Knox Road this week. I know, it’s over for good. Yes, it was a great show for children. But I emphasize for children. Let’s do some grown-up things, ok? Like maybe buy groceries, or do laundry, but especially get up-to-date on the latest music. Here’s what you missed on Knox Road.


A random guy makes an amazing video for Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks”

Yuck: The Transformers 2 soundtrack is the worst of all soundtracks


Review: Arctic Monkeys chill out on Humbug

Review: Mew is simultaneously monotonous and thrilling

Review: The Postmarks win with a beautiful sounding record


[MP3] Light in August: “Northern Lights”

The Exit Clov/Jukebox the Ghost side project: Drunken Sufis


The Library giving away good, free music!


Phenomenal Video Saturday: Radiohead!

Pick of the Week:

Motel de Moka: “It’s been for a while and a recent go” Schils posts an excellent after-party electronica mix and gives some poetic insight (as usual).

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