The Library is oh so nice


First off: how can you beat free music? The answer is you can’t beat free music, at all, ever, under any circumstances. And, hey, what’s that? Brooklyn’s The Library is giving away its album, The Life and Times of Rosa Lee, for free? Sign me up!

Free music is not always quality music, though, and that’s why it’s such a relief that The Library is so damn good. The band’s music is nearly always calm – there’s nothing abrasive or atonal to be found here. From the opener “Wish I knew,” a smartly constructed pop song held together by a pretty violin in the background, to the title-track closer with its mini crescendo, nothing is overbearing or over-loud. As the press release states, “…there is a muscular American rootsy quality underlying what is in essence a soft, mostly downbeat, loose and dreamy pop band.”

And sometimes listening to such pleasantness is just what we need.

The Library – “The Life and Times of Rosa Lee” [MP3]

The Library – “TomKat” [MP3]

The Library – “Wish I Knew” [MP3]

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