[MP3] Light in August: “Northern Lights”

Light in August

I’ve fallen in love with Michigan quartet Light in August, and I’ve only heard one song (though now I’ve listened to more because I’m on their MySpace, but it kind of takes away from the opening line, so pretend I haven’t.) “Northern Lights” is all kinds of wonderful. The airy tone, careful layering, delicate vocals, and instruments in no short supply make for a tremendously euphoric listen. I mean it when I talk about the bevy of instruments – on their debut release, Places, Light in August use sitars, tanpuras, and various classical Spanish guitars to go with everything else we’re used to from standard indie pop-rock. So it’s like ice cream with toppings. Or faces with beards (preferably on males.) What more could you ask for?

Light in August – “Northern Lights” [MP3]

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