The Postmarks make another beautiful record

The Postmarks - Memoirs At The End Of The World (2009)

The Postmarks are so many things. Initially, they were a fish-out-of-water band that defied expectations and stereotypes of the Miami music scene. Contrary to the skeezy beach club music we’ve come to expect, the group is soft, sweet and beautiful. They’ve brought this sound to the somehow fitting stage of Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba where they sang a very light, airy song about balloons. But despite all of this, one of their best-known singles is a more intense, new-wave cover of Blondie’s “11:59.” Their new album, Memoirs At The End Of The World, is their third (only their second of original material) and they stick mostly to their roots. But don’t mistake them; they still like to mix things up.

The record kicks off in style with “No One Said This Would Be Easy,” the song that almost fits better in a James Bond movie. Heavy, Hollywood strings and a big production are new to The Postmarks, but like the pros they are, they handle it in stride and play the stuff like they always have. They don’t make a habit of the sound, though, quickly diverting to their classic dream pop indie songs. In fact, just about the only thing that really bugs me about the album is the constant change of styles. It’s never anything big, but it’s the subtlety that kills me. Yet, underneath any stylistic variety is still The Postmarks, and that’s what’s so great about the band. The ability to adapt, rather than change, retains their personality.

Like with their previous material, it’s front woman Tim Yehezkely’s beautiful voice that steals the show. She evokes pure innocence and an experienced confidence, wrapping it all in an intimate whisper. It’s lighter than air and streamlined as a drop of rain. It lends so much to the band’s sound, I would consider it an extra instrument. Some bands can replace singers, but never The Postmarks. Musically, the band is good here, not especially breathtaking, but solid nonetheless. What’s new since their debut album is the addition of strings and horns that builds the album several steps higher than their previous work and fills out the space allowed by Yehezkely’s vocals.

While not consistent, there is plenty to enjoy on Memoirs. “My Lucky Charm” bounces along adorably, contrasting sharply to intense tracks like “No One Said This Would Be Easy” and “For Better… Or Worse?” Different still is psychedelic Beatles-esque “All You Ever Wanted” and the minute-long ditty “Run Away Love.” The Postmarks pull you in so many different directions, the album can be hard to keep up with. Overall, it’s still a wonderful listen, to experience something beautiful and unique if nothing else.

The Postmarks – “No One Said This Would Be Easy” [MP3]

The Postmarks – “All You Ever Wanted” [MP3]

The Postmarks – “My Lucky Charm” [MP3]

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