In Case You Missed It: Week in Review

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I’ve been breaking toes, Jamie’s been working nonstop, Jon’s been Jon. But we still labored on, because we love you so much. Wait, what? You missed out on our hard work?? Fine. Whatever. Here you go suckas, the KR week in review. [Image via]

Greg Fine sets the mood with a warm tone.
Dirty Projectors to release EP; fans to wet themselves repeatedly.
The full Ellipse album stream from Imogen Heap.

Review Tuesday (Lee): Brendan Benson’s My Old Familiar Friend.
Review Tuesday (Jamie): Jay Reatard’s Watch Me Fall.
New MP3 from the positively twee Sunbears.

The Antlers’ video for “Two” without eyes makes Jon a bit, erm, weird.
Lee gets all metaphorical with The American Dollar’s cinemascapes.
Exit Clov’s humble video to raise funds for Taiwan now has over 35,000 views!

Wax Tailor delivers the missing hip-hop edge that we wrongfully ignore all too often.
Trailer for James Cameron’s Avatar looks, dare we say it, bad??

Peter Bradley Adams, a nice end to the summer. JUST KIDDDDING.

Second week in a row for a Jon crush – this time Joanna Newsom’s the winner.
Indiecater’s Volume IV mixtape, with cute cover art and a dazzling array of tunes.

*Pick of the Week*
love shack, baby: “Green Music Fest: Day One Highlights: Sybris and Tapes ‘n Tapes” Tart gives us the rundown, salivating over Sybris. And sexy guitar players, of course.

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