Peter Bradley Adams ushers us into the weekend

Peter Bradley Adams

You may recognize his song “Always” from a previous upcoming NYC concerts (where basically everyone came to the city one Thursday) post, but this time Brooklyn’s Peter Bradley Adams gets his own space. Adams makes his folk music immediately accessible with soothing, raspy vocals and acoustic guitar picking, along with the occasional piano and pretty female harmonies to provide the added pop in his step.

I don’t want to bore you any further with my words as you ready yourself for a momentous weekend toward the end of summer, so GAH, pretend I didn’t say that – summer’s not over yet! Get your fun on, and go tan (not in a machine, please…) with Adams’ 2008 record, Leavetaking, as your soundtrack.

Peter Bradley Adams – “I’ll Forget You” [MP3]

Peter Bradley Adams – “Always” [MP3]

Peter Bradley Adams on MySpace

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