Greg Fine makes the mood

Greg Fine

Greg Fine’s music first graced my ears in an unassuming manner. From a humble email, which surely indicated a humble background, Fine described his new CD, Always Time, in a succinct manner, explaining which tracks he can still listen to over and over, and the inspiration with which they were written. Nothing more, nothing less. Kind of like his music.

He’s not aiming for an over-the-top appeal, yet somehow the songs bring a profound effect, as the acoustic guitar, occasional piano, and other electronics/flourishes (like whistling on “Come Back Again”) create such lush instrumentation that is hard to pick up on throughout most songs if you’re not listening closely. This sound that accompanies Fine’s delicate, yet full voice is warm in its demeanor – evoking a beautiful stillness that relaxes the mind and body without losing its emotion. Grab three tracks below and if you enjoy, surely purchase the album.

Greg Fine – “Come Back Again” [MP3]

Greg Fine – “Into The Light Of Dawn” [MP3]

Greg Fine – “Always Time” [MP3]

Greg Fine on MySpace

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