There Will be Fireworks is intense, epic, Scottish


When I first heard of There Will Be Fireworks, they were described to me as “The Twilight Sad meets Explosions in the Sky.” Now that sounds ridiculous, so naturally I was all “yeah right, stupid” and the guy was like “give it a try, you’ll like it” and I was like “stop pressuring me, dick!” Then I tried to spit in the guy’s ear, but that didn’t work and my monitor got all wet. But I went to the band’s MySpace anyway. And you know what? It was a smart idea, after all.

First of all, the description is, somehow, oddly apt. The band’s vocals follow that whole tortured Scot thing (think Frightened Rabbit or We Were Promised Jetpacks) that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of. The kicker is, though, that many of There Will be Fireworks’ songs end in a loud, stunning climax reminiscent of some of the better quiet/loud post-rock bands. Now what’s that? Is there tremolo picking, you ask? Oh, yes, there’s tremolo picking. And, as an added treat, the vocals often join the mix to accentuate the intensity of a song’s climax. (Think iLiKETRAiNS. Or don’t. Do what you gotta do, man.)

Basically, if you’re one of those indie-rock fans who generally gravitates towards the stuff heavy in emotional (read: depressing) content more than the musically happier fare (something like Spoon, which is a great band regardless), you’ll dig this. They just released their self-titled debut, so go buy it. And that’s an order, mister lazypants.

There Will be Fireworks – “Says Aye” [MP3]

There Will be Fireworks – “Midfield Maestro” [MP3]

There Will be Fireworks – “We Sleep through the Bombs” [MP3]

There Will be Fireworks on MySpace

Purchase the album here

5 comments to There Will be Fireworks is intense, epic, Scottish

  • Lee

    Why is Bob in the background of this photo?

  • Love, love, love, love this band!!! Now get your pennies together boys and get this band over here! Thanks for featuring them, hun. This album is just superb and it’s funny, but I don’t find it all that emo/depressing. Maybe it’s because my ears are filled with Scottish (read awesome) music 24/7, but this is quite cheery to me! kisses!!!

    Lee Reply:

    Tart, I don’t think it’s depressing either. Jon just lives in too happy a world where he thinks anything that’s not lollipops and candy canes is depressing!

  • Rampant Chutney Consumerism


    Cool blog (found you via SbT)

    this band are amazing. thats all i wanted to say, along with Hello.


    Lee Reply:

    Hey Tom, appreciate the hello and kind words!

    Hope to see you stay a while. (Toad certainly has some great readership.)