In Case You Missed It: Week in Review

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While we continued on with our posting, we mourned for you, John Hughes. Ferris Bueller (not pictured above) and your other well thought out, inspiring characters will never be forgotten. So if readers were feeling nostalgic, watching old films and not caught up in the here and now (totally understandable), here’s what was missed this week on Knox Road. [Image via ScreenCrave]

Australia’s Little Red will make your co-workers dance.
The Beatings are familiar (like Sally’s Banana Bread) but good.
New, amazing Raveonettes MP3: “Suicide”.
The Decemberists hearken back to their typical sound on new songs.

Review Tuesday (Jamie): EP of rejects teaches us that Modest Mouse is the best.
The Octopus Project makes cute indie video for cute indie song.
New, haunting Greg Laswell MP3: “Your Ghost” (Kristin Hersh cover).
Review Tuesday (Lee): Throw Me The Statue’s Creaturesque needs so much more.

Trevor Giuliani is easy to listen to, but not quite “easy listening” (wtf?).
New, finished Top Sound (Swedish) MP3s. P.S. the B-Side is in French.
Candy Claws’ Catamaran = island-infused dream pop.

Jon’s small tribute to Elliott Smith on his 40th Birthday.
(Not a post but well-worth the mention: RIP John Hughes.)

Second Where The Wild Things Are trailer comes out; evokes nostalgia, chills.
Solander, the solo-project of Fredrik (Sweden) member, Fredrik…Karlsson.

Bands that need to reunite: Desaparecidos. Care for some Conor Oberst yelling?

*Pick of the Week*
Mars Needs Guitars: “Nineteen Eighty Two – Redux” Merz continues his 80’s mixtapes with some grand, classic tunes. I picked this post because it was at the start of the week, but really, you’d be remiss not to check out the other playlists as well (surf a few posts forward and back.)

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  • Lee and Co.,

    Thanks so much for the props on Pick Of The Week! You guys are awesome and Knox Road is a daily visit for me. I love what you guys do on your blog, it is definitely some good stuff! Also, comforting to know that I got some cool blogging friends out there. Makes all the difference in the world! Thanks again guys, you made my day!