Solander: Revisiting Fredrik and Sweden


Fredrik Karlsson, one of the members of a KR favorite band, Fredrik, has his own solo project that I’d imagine you’d all love to hear about, as I’ve only just discovered it recently. Solander is Karlsson backed up by various others, mostly from the the Swedish Malmö underground scene. With a similar style to Fredrik, soft, hushed vocals reign proud, but the various other members make for Solander’s true appeal. The sweet female harmonies shine prominently through, and tender, fragile strings are brought to the forefront.

Since we are pigeons, Solander’s debut album, will be out on A Tenderversion Recording on October 16, 2009. While Karlsson’s Solander has been around for quite some time (2005), contributing to and scoring the music of indie films, he really hasn’t made any major waves. But with his recent signing to Tendervision, and the forthcoming debut, we should expect to hear some big news out of the Solander camp soon.

Solander – “Looking For Gold” [MP3] (single from Since we are pigeons)

Solander – “Prayer To God” [MP3] (Shellac cover)

Solander on MySpace

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