Charm and Trevor Giuliani are one and the same

Trevor Giuliani

Often times I’m admittedly late to the game on musicians I should have been on top of way back when. Way back when in this case is only June, but regardless, I gotta step it up. I received Trevor Giuliani’s Subcontrario (In Stereo) (released July 21 on Dovecote Records) in the actual mail and didn’t get around to listening to it until just recently. Yeah, that was a huge mistake. Seriously – I could’ve been spending so much of that time throwing his songs on mixtapes and wooing just about any girl I please. Because Giuliani (I feel like I should be calling him Trevor), now living in Portland after several years in NYC, has a way with precious “aw shucks” music and a sound that tugs at the heart strings.

With his acoustic guitar, Giuliani creates a mix of easy-to-listen-to pop that’s not quite “easy listening,” and more electronic elements – handclaps, synths, keys to make for some truly radiant, and at times, melancholic, music. His voice doesn’t exactly hurt his charm either – the smooth baritone and eager delivery fittingly match the celestial sound. Careful with this guy – he’s sure to be a heart-breaker for years to come.

Trevor Giuliani – “Wasting Your Town” [MP3]

Trevor Giuliani on MySpace

[Photo by Justin Dylan Renney]

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