Little Red: Indie Doo Wop from Australia

Little Red

This one comes as a recommendation from one of our Australian readers, Jeremy, and is definitely a bit of a different style than what you may be used to from us (half the fun of having a blog is writing about whatever the hell you want). And what better time to stray from the norm than on a Monday, when you’re supposed to look forward to your week ahead instead of perhaps thinking, “shite, another week of bloody work.” So with that sentiment, I (…and Jeremy) bring to you Little Red, from Melbourne, Australia, who are sure to brighten up just about any day with their fun doo run run.

Known mostly as a touring band, Little Red are incredibly unique, mixing in some awesome, modern indie pop melodies with a doo-wop style of music. We get back and forth, stirring harmonies from the quintet, as they mesh their eager, often falsetto vocals in a crisply toned manner, almost with the expectation that we sing along with them. The conspicuous bass lines, rollicking guitars and hand-claps make us all but ready to get up and dance. So as you sit in your cubicle at work, or wherever it is you are RIGHT NOW, just turn Little Red up full blast without headphones, and you’ll get the entire office grooving to the beat. It’ll be a straight-out-of-a-movie scene, and one that you’d be remiss not to initiate. Let’s get them over to the States please??

These tunes are off their debut (2008) album, Listen to Little Red.

Little Red – “Coca Cola” [MP3]

Little Red – “Misty, I” [MP3]

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2 comments to Little Red: Indie Doo Wop from Australia

  • WOoody

    LOVELITTLERED!! have sseen them live twice now, and i must say, probably the best crowdpleasers ive ever seen!! get them massive, the boys deserve it!! thanks for posting

  • Good looks! We’re putting out their debut UK/US single (“Coca Cola” and “It’s Alright”) on neon Gold in September and will hopefully have them over to the states for you soon!