I’ve heard The Beatings’ sound before, but I’m so OK with that

the beatings

In The Beatings’ press kit it says “Recommended if you like: Thermals, Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill.” While the band isn’t quite like any of those others, on first listen it’s clear they have a very familiar sound that you absolutely know. Is it overdone? Is it old hat? Is it stale? Yes, yes and no. Although they don’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, The Beatings bring something good. It’s like that potluck dinner where Sally brings banana bread AGAIN, but everybody loves it just the same.

The Bostonians are coming out with a new LP, Late Season Kids, on September 15 on Midriff Records. (A real sleuth might note that an artist on the same label is previously blogged about Hands and Knees). Let’s listen to some of the new material, shall we?

The Beatings – “Bury You” [MP3]

The Beatings – “All the Things You’ve Been Missing” [MP3]

The Beatings on Myspace

1 comment to I’ve heard The Beatings’ sound before, but I’m so OK with that

  • Jon

    The 90’s alt-rock sound is not overdone if it is done well, which I guess applies to any genre, but I will never get tired of it if it rocks, and “Bury You” rocks, thanks for the intro.


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