In Case You Missed It: Week In Review


Having a few brews with Obama, were we?? We meaning you. Meaning that cop and professor. Meaning nobody really had beer with the President. Except them. Well whoever it was, they certainly weren’t reading Knox Road at the time. This one’s for you!

Arran Arctic oozes passion. Not as gross as it sounds.
Patton Oswalt is doing amazing things

Lee continues to be “folksy shmolksy” with Doby Watson
The Blue Van: “Fuck Aqua!”

Dala are just sweet, Canadian BFFs
Stilts+Fruit Punch+Pauly Shore=Gathering of the Juggalos

Fantastic Mr. Fox looks Fantastic Mr. The Best

[MP3] DD/MM/YY: “Digital Haircut”
Lee’s iTunes Mixery part V
Hey, is pretty cool, yeah?

Akudama drops free August EP: “Barbershop”

*Pick of the Week*
Einstein Music Journal: “Lissy Trullie covers Hot Chip and more… covers” The good New Zealand folks over at EMJ give us some good and unique covers.

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