Akudama drops free August EP, “Barbershop”

Barbershop Cover Art

Our Akudama friends keep churning ’em out – they haven’t once flaked on the whole monthly free EP thing yet. Impressive stuff. Also, they’re starting to add more shows to their bill (Pianos in NYC Sept. 8, 15, and 22 + Boston’s Middle East Upstairs this Thursday, 8/6) and are gaining increasing popularity. Here’s to hoping we’ve played some role (?? however small…) in their ascent to STARDOM.

Okay, not stardom yet, but with EPs like Barbershop staying true to Akudama’s niche of lively pop rock, the fame will surely come. It also looks like they’re having some good ol’ summer fun on Barbershop. Probably to combat the rain for just about everyone everywhere on the East Coast. The “Barbershop” tune is quite amusing – listen up real good. Though it’s kind of hard not to notice it, so scratch the “real good” part. Case in point: “When I was young my mom loved David Bowie / So my first haircut looked like David Bowie’s”. Oh, youth. Keeping us quirky since 1895.

Check out the songs below, or download the EP in full from the Akudama website (where it will be up shortly).

Akudama – “Barbershop” [MP3]

Akudama – “Camera Girl” [MP3] (ft. Gina Cimmelli of Gina’s Picture Show on backing vocals)

2 comments to Akudama drops free August EP, “Barbershop”

  • 3lended 7wice

    well you can rest on the fact you’ve got them at least this fan!

    Janice Goodall Reply:

    Me too! Shit is TIGHT :)