The Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer is here and sufficiently quirky

For those worried that Wes Anderson’s first foray into animation would curb his distinctive quirk, well, stop being worried because this trailer is pretty much drowning in it. That’s right – his Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer hit the internet today, and it has all the wit and Bill Murray you could ever ask for.

However, at first I felt the animation itself was really creepy. It was like if you go into a room every day, but every time you go in all the furniture has been moved slightly to the left. And you don’t notice until a week later and then you freak out. That’s kind of how I felt watching the trailer. Something was really unsettling about those silly creatures.

But then, about halfway through, it got pretty funny. So I’m excited. Just watch out for when I have an acid trip-style freak out in the theater. “Why do they keep dancing like that?” I’ll ask. “They’re just TOO ADORABLE! MAKE IT STOP!”

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