Sweet sweet Canadian Dala


Dala is the beautifully mesmerizing folk/pop of Canadian bff’s Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther. For reference sake, they’re kind of a cross between Aimee Mann and a more upbeat Azure Ray – no small comparison. Intimately but forcefully acoustic, Carabine and Walther mix quirky subtleties in with the catchy and soothing melodies. Deftly playing off each other’s voices, their precious harmonies hit in all the right spots, carefully placed for a commanding effect.

Their fourth album, Everyone Is Someone, was released in June, and the first single “Levi Blues” is already starting to hit the big time. You know what that means: Dala. Dala. Bills. (…Hopefully. Apologies for the awful pun.)

Dala – “Levi Blues” [MP3]

Dala – “Lonely Girl” [MP3]

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