Doby Watson’s first “proper” record drops August 4

Doby Watson - 22

Folksy shmolksy two days in a row from me. That’s right, I’m going slowcore on your asses. I think the humidity is drawing me to a bit of a stall, evoking a need for such comforting music. Doby Watson, from Kansas, fits the bill perfectly, as fragile acoustics dominate – including guitar, tenor guitar, slide guitar, and mandolin, along with stirring harmonies. And now’s as good a time as ever to write him up, as his first fo’ real foray into record making is to premiere next week in the form of Twenty Two, a gorgeous ballad of reflective folk.

Twenty Two employs three other members, including Watson’s current touring partner Matt Dill, as well as A.P. Swearengin and Ross Brown. The entire album is best suited for one sitting, as it can lose its pull if you start and stop. It’s a grower and takes time to really settle in. But, when it does finally settle and allow itself to breathe inside your warm blood, it’s able to create such breathtaking soundscapes that make you feel at peace with your surroundings.

Doby Watson – “Dirty Water” [MP3]

Doby Watson – “In The Backseat” [MP3]

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