Arran Arctic

Arran Arctic

Arran Arctic is Arran Southall from The U.K., frequently accompanied by various other guests for backing instruments and vocals. Southall describes himself as an introvert – which is all but obvious from his intimately dazzling, understated music. He sings, records, programs, produces and plays acoustic/electric guitar, violin, pedal organ, accordion, concertina, harpsichord, recorder, tin whistle, drums, percussion, metal pipe xylophone, wine glasses, piano and xeremia. Yep, a xeremia. (…No idea what it is, so don’t ask.)

But that’s besides the point. Southall’s intrinsic and touching soft melodies ooze passion and mystique as they wander and weave their way to our ears with a seemingly indefinite end. Upon first listen you’ll stop dead in your tracks, entranced by the sublime structure of the tunes. The hushed vocals breed such a profound tranquility that you wouldn’t be blamed for taking a seat as Southall lulls you into his delicate world. As Southall says himself, “Although the folklore associated with my music is (mostly) fictional, the place it comes from is sincere, and honest.” Duly noted.

Arran Arctic – “A Cold Wind” [MP3]

Arran Arctic – “Tight Lipped Lover” [MP3]

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[Photography by Clare Martin]

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