In Case You Missed It: Week In Review

jackson fan glove

You were still rewatching old Michael Jackson music videos, huh? I know, it’s very unfortunate and he was talented blahblah. But come on! It’s been SO LONG. Like, two weeks or something. Look, just because you’re wearing a glittery black glove on one hand doesn’t mean you can’t check out Knox Road with the other! Get with it! This is the shit you missed!

Lee Interviews The Most Serene Republic
If The Hudson Branch has to grow on you, you’re doing something wrong
Confide horrify all with an atrocious Postal Service cover

Turns out The Dead Weather album is kind of so-so. Oops!
The Grates playing in NYC

New WHY?: “This Blackest Purse”
Wheat releases tracks from upcoming album

Siren Music Festival preview! In MP3s!!
The Emmy nominations are equal parts the best, the wost and the most confusing
Video of Michael Jackson’s hair catching fire in Pepsi ad surfaces

It’s A Musical! is not a musical. It’s just wonderful electronic pop
Muse stages stupid, elaborate treasure hunt for pieces of new song

We spent the day at Siren! Did you expect something more? No? Good.

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