Muse wants you to find the golden ticket


According to NME, Muse has launched a “global treasure hunt” that will lead fans to piece together the band’s new song “United States of Eurasia” bit by bit, to be finished presumably long after The Resistance is released on September 14th.

It’s all too ludicrous and worthless to paraphrase, so here’s a blockquote:

Muse have hidden several USB sticks in a worldwide treasure hunt – allowing fans to hear a new song.

Fans can search for the USB sticks in Berlin, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Moscow, Paris and Dubai, where “agents” are looking after them.

They already found one and unlocked its puzzle, so you can hear 36 seconds of the song somewhere, but yawn. I really hope the song, when pieced together, is just an MP3 of Matt Bellamy taking a crap with tremolo guitar picking in the background. They’ll call it dumpcore, and oh boy will the kids just eat it up!

Muse – “Sing for Absolution” [MP3] (from Absolution)

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