It’s A Musical! Friday

l_d9e31b9580e62a5251c737456e3fdde3So I have a tendency to check record label websites quite often for new music that I may have missed. And one of my favorite labels is Morr Music, which rarely fails to bring gorgeous electronic pop.

Point being, I was browsing Morr recently and found It’s A Musical! And upon first listen to “The Music Makes Me Sick” I promptly threw my head against the wall. Meaning the music sucked, right? Wrong! I was so mad at myself I hadn’t heard of this German duo before I needed to take my anger out physically. But like, it’s too hard to stay sad when the music you’re listening to is so precious. And cutesy. And all other similar descriptive indie words. So have a blast with “The Music Makes Me Sick”, which is so very much a Mates of State ballad.

It’s A Musical! – “The Music Makes Me Sick” [MP3]

It’s A Musical! on MySpace

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