The Emmys continue to be a mixed bag of relevancy


The 2009 Emmy nominations are out you guys! Not those stupid daytime ones, I’m talkin’ PRIMETIME TELEVISION. Like the kind not always on the computer (huh?). Like you may or may not have expected, the nominations are part great, part awful and part confusing. Highlights!!

  • 30 Rock got 22 nominations! As it should. Tangiers the lion is weeping with joy.
  • HBO got 99 nominations because everybody can afford premium cable. It’s definitely not the first thing to go after
  • Family Guy is up for Best Comedy. Because it is the worst. And sometimes you just have to nominate the worst things for the best things, ya know?
  • Two and a Half Men is still getting nominated even though I don’t know a single person who has ever seen the show.
  • Michael C. Hall from Dexter is nominated for Best Actor in a Drama with Jon Hamm from Mad Men. I’ve heard those shows are good!
  • I love Sarah Silverman but Best Actress in a Comedy? If she wins, she will give the best speech ever. And she’ll probably be high.
  • Lost’s Michael Emerson (Ben) is up for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama because he’s amazing. If he loses to those people from those shows I don’t watch (Boston Legal, Breaking Bad, Damages), I’ll throw a tantrum.
  • Antiques Roadshow is nominated for Reailty Series. I didn’t know it counted?
  • Kathy Griffin gets two nominations too many.

Full list of nominations over at EW because the Emmy website is confusing. You should watch the awards because I probably won’t! You can tell me who wins. Fingers crossed for Family Guy you guys. Fingers. Crossed.

1 comment to The Emmys continue to be a mixed bag of relevancy

  • Jon

    While Emerson deserves to beat out Aaron Paul, you should really watch Breaking Bad. The writing on BB destroys that of Lost, and that comes from a Lost fanatic who’s watched the show religiously the past 5 years, checks message boards for theories, etc.

    Lost has any show beat in terms of how huge and well crafted the overarching story is; BB beats nearly any show in terms of writing, dialogue and technical aspects.

    If Bryan Cranston doesn’t win best actor, I’ll sell meth to the smoke monster. Or pout. Probably pout.