Get your boxing gloves on – it’s Typefighter time!


Ah saiddd, you ain’t punchin’ those keys hard enough feller!

D.C.’s Typefighter comes to Knox Road through a recommendation from good pal Aaron Leeder, of D.C. and NYC (and swiftly growing) favorites, Exit Clov. He has been incredibly supportive of this here blog, and we thank him (and the rest of Exit Clov for that matter) for the continued love.

The six-piece Typefighter deliver a unique brand of folk – I can’t really tell how I’m supposed to feel when listening to their music. Like, for some artists you just know you should feel, well, depressed (Damien Rice), and others, a bit happier (Conor Oberst Phoenix). But Typefighter’s a different breed – lead singer Ryan McLaughlin’s crooning on some songs may seem to be a bit of a downer at first, but then the band adds in some fun backing vocals and I can’t help but develop a smirk as my satisfaction increases. There’s a distinct catchiness from the simple acoustic chord progression (from guitars, ukes, and banjos?), yet the “indie” is still so very much intact. Dreamy and pensive, the music brings to mind breezy afternoons on the porch, absorbed in our own imagination while anyone or anything comes our way. If you have a day to forget, throw on some Typefighter – you won’t be disappointed.

The tracks featured below are from Typefighter’s debut EP, I Want To See You Game, Boys, I Want To See You Brave.

Typefighter – “Ocean Floor” [MP3]

Typefighter – “Worth The Wait” [MP3]

Typefighter on MySpace

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