The Worst Things: Evian’s roller skating babies commercial

Dear ad executive,

I know you think CGI babies doing adult-like things is the best, but um no. It’s definitely the worst. Especially this ad that somehow sells water (drink it and you’ll be able to skate like only an infant can??) and is set to the tune of “Rapper’s Delight.” Here’s a hint: “Rapper’s Delight” jumped the shark back in The Wedding Singer, so stop thinking it’s the only rap song you can roller skate to. And please, God, no more CGI babies.

At least these ones aren’t throwing up.

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  • annjell

    I agree – this is the worst ad possible. Not just that the ad stinks, they try to use hip-hop babies, yet, there’s only one black baby.

    The worst part of it all, Donny Deustch, of Deustch Inc. the creator of the ad, appeared on MSNBC’s Ed Schultz show, immediately following Michael Jackson’s Memorial in what appeared to me, to be a racist tirade.

    Ed Schultz asked Donny how big he thought the Michael Jackson brand would become.

    Donny immediately became angered (see the website show- if eyes could kill, someone would have died), he said, “Are Americans mad? Why are they grieving over someone they didn’t know? All he did was dance and sing! Here are other Americans that have died and didn’t get the same attention…”

    So, I guess that explains why there is only 1 black baby in the commercial. Not only that, it encourages babies to do things that are not possible, except their parents taking them to the emergency room for broken bones.

    But, all-in-all, I will not buy Evian water again now that I know that Donny Deustch has the advertising contract.

    I am a huge Michael Jackson Fan, and have been since I was a kid. It was disrepectful to me and especially the Jackson Family to have a memorial then this guy gets on national tee vee and shows his anger towards a man that hasn’t been laid to final resting place.

    dnote Reply:

    Annjell, seriously, this is one of the most ignorant comments I’ve ever read about anything anywhere. First of all, few things could be less controversial or offensive than dancing babies. Second, Deustch is right! Why are people grieving wildly over someone they didn’t know? I’m a fan too but get a grip! Third, exactly how many black babies should have been in this commercial? Finally, as for encouraging babies to do things that are not possible . . . Um, are you kidding?

    gacowgurl Reply:

    they dont need you to buy there water!!!! lol
    Because bikers and cowgurls buy there water!!!!
    there is nothing in this world stronger than prayer and laughter!!! and i can bet ya a whole lot more of us laughed!!
    and that is what michael would have wanted!!!!
    he LOVED KIDS!!!! and i know he liked it because thats what kind of person he was he didnt do race he did love!!!!!
    you should try it and lets see you come up with something to make us laugh!!!
    god bless!!

    mike L Reply:

    He did not do race? really?

    mike L Reply:

    Also I can see the issue with what Donny said. Being in Advertising he should be more aware of the emotional connections that music can bring about respect those fans that went being the everyday MJ Fan. I wonder if would he would say the same about Sinatra. For example I don’t listen to Lil Wayne, yet, I am aware that those who do find their own escape in his music.

    – As for the babies, yes it’s awkward to have hip hop babies, but no black babies (hip hop is good as long as there is no black element involved.)

    cass Reply:

    It is a TRAVESTY to credit the Deutsch company with the Evian rollerbaby ad. This phenomenal ad was a purely euro creation commissioned by the BETC company. Donny whatsit had absolutely bupkist to do with it. The ad was more about retro- street culture, roller-skates, loud music than say “hip hop” per se. You could have just about any fast music playing in the backdrop and the babies would look just as kewl. 

  • Randy

    So, I live in NYC and I saw this ad being filmed. You might notice that there are six babies lying on the street when the other baby jumps over them. When I saw them filming, they had seven, but the jumping baby was ill prepared and landed on the last baby and smushed the CGI baby making a CGI Flat Stanley if you may. It was quite a site. When people were upset, Donny said the same thing about that last baby and not grieving over someone you don’t know. What a jerk.

    gacowgurl Reply:

    What A LIE lol if you would have watched the making of the video like most the population has you will see that none of the babies ever jump lol they use a plastic baby lol oh my goodness!!! i cant believe you wrote that ha ha!!
    whos the jerk now lol

  • Terrie

    You are insane. Why is it necessary for you to take a perfectly cute, funny commercial and twist it into a rant about CGI babies, racism, or whatever the heck you were on about??? In case you missed it – and believe me, you did – the idea was that if you drink Evian, you get a boost of energy that lets you push the boundaries. I suppose the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials were animal cruelty and exploited horses? Grow up and try to find something really worth ranting about – like how people in this country will totally ignore a homeless person on the street and comment “Why don’t you get a job?” Sheesh….

  • gacowgurl

    I agree with terrie!!!!!
    I think the video was a heaven sent!!!!
    because there is nothing more powerful in this world than prayer and laughter!!!! and I could almost bet that this video made more people laugh for a min!!! I dont see race,disrespect,or any of that mess!!! I see angels laughing and people laughing with them!!!!! if you narrow minded complainers would watch the making of the video they would see no race or disrespect to anyone involved!!!!! in the video. and also evian I have to say the interview video with the babies was sooooooo CUTE!!!!!! and i cant wait to see what you do next!!!!! thank you for making me LAUGH and GIGGLE!!! and to all the complainers and bad words about this video you all would play a different tune if it were your child being picked for a spot in the video so watch all the videos not just the one and look how many people have viewed it and laughed there badonkadonk’s off!! and you will see a hell of alot more of us who enjoyed it than you complainers lol WE WIN!!!!!!!! laugh on!!!!! cowgurl

  • gacowgurl

    yep what I said before michael would have loved it!!!
    He was All about KIDS AND LOVE!!!
    never race or disrespect

    Jen Reply:


    I don’t know what kind of rock you’ve been living under for the past 20 years or so, but Michael Jackson made race very much an issue for himself- whether or not he chose to bring that conflict into the public eye is another story.

    And, more importantly:


    And take a grammar class. You need a fucking decoder to make out the font between all of your excess punctuation.