Knowing the Orphan spoiler is more fun than seeing the actual movie

I guess movie studios really like horror movie twists? Like maybe they saw The Sixth Sense and were all “That’s the ONLY way to do it now.” So now we have Orphan and the tagline is basically “This movie has a CRAZY twist.” But the twist happens to be SO crazy that people online are having lots of fun spoiling it. Because it’s ridiculous. Ridiculous. Like so much worse than “The ghost has been riding your shoulders the whole time!!” Since the movie is probably awful anyway, you can save $11.50 and just read the spoiler after the trailer after the jump.

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The SPOILER, which is apparently real, from the comments at I Watch Stuff:

orphan spoiler

Seriously Hollywood? Keep it simple. And not gross (fyi: pedophiles are never not gross). I’m just glad I get to save the cash from myself. I’m such a Curious Cassie when it comes to movie twists.

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  • Eli

    I feel confused.

    bdenn Reply:

    Well the only way to keep making the same movie over and over and over (the evil child film) the twists have to get bigger and bigger. What’s next… ooh an evil child thats actually an alien, or maybe a child-alien-robot that can transform into a “big wheels”… give me a call Mr. Bay I have your next steaming pile of shit script ready.

    Starscream Reply:

    You forgot the explosions.

    Jeremy Farrell Reply:

    She kills because ultimately she wants to wreck the family enough to separate the spouses so she can get with the father…for every family. And when the plan fails or backfires, she goes ape shit and kills everyone, then burns the house down. Everyone else that gets killed is only to cover up her secret or to cause slight suspicion in order to drive the target [mother] mad. But she’s not just limited to killing. Detrimental pranks also seem to be her thing, like lifting the parking break on an inclined car to send it rolling into a lake…with the mother’s little girl still inside. She lived. However Esther still succeeded in making the mother believe that she was responsible, leading everyone else to believe that the mother was crazy…which is the plan for every family Esther belongs to.

  • JVZ

    My thing is, the twists never seem to fully explain everything. For example, the fact that she’s 33 doesn’t explain why she tries to kill people.
    Your idea that the twist is more fun than the movie sounds good to me. I stumbled upon this website specifically because I went looking for spoilers directly after watching the trailer.

    bob Reply:

    i actually heard of this disease so i can sort of believe it, but it still doesn’t explain why she’s a murderer or how she can be 33 and still be skinny. most people with that disorder are fat because that what happens when your old and short.

    van Reply:

    she was in an insane asylum. i think that explains enough?

    CML Reply:

    Since when is 33 old???????????????????????????

    Sanhamuk Reply:

    No one said 33 was old.

    mrz1216 Reply:

    This is crazy. First of all dwarfism doesn’t make your face look like a child’s. Secondly “proportional dwarfism” is seen in achondroplasia…which clearly she doesn’t have. If she has congenital kidney disease like Gary Coleman then that’s fine…only you can look at Gary Coleman’s face and realize that he’s not a nine-year old. Hollywood’s moronic. I liked this movie the first time….when it was called The Good Son.

    brandon Reply:

    ohh wow, I was just saying that tonight, how from the trailer alone you can tell it’s a rip off of the good son, although apparently it’s not a rip off, it’s like an m night sham-a-whatever movie but with a completely fucking rediculous twist, not a borderline completely rediculous twist. At least the good son was awesome and ended with the theme that some people are basically born evil and there is nothing you can do about it. Also, it was superbadass how the mom was put in that situation at the end. You think if she knew her real song was going to be frodo baggins in ten years she would have reconsidered. I think so. Mack is the shit and that movie was in my top ten.


    Sarah Reply:

    proportional dwarfism is also seen in growth hormone deficiency. If there’s a lack in growth hormone, growth may become halted. Thus, Esther looking like a 9-year old girl. It can be caused by stress, which she’s obviously been through.

    cp4qwert Reply:

    I don’t think it was actually Hypopituitarism Disorder. Everyone thinks 33 year old short person must mean Dwarfism, when actually Hypopituitarism Disorder is a real disorder it’s very rare and it’s a hormone and growth disorder.

    By Mayo Clinic staff

    Hypopituitarism is a disorder in which your pituitary gland fails to produce one or more of its hormones, or doesn’t produce enough of them.

    The pituitary is a small bean-shaped gland located at the base of your brain, somewhat behind your nose and between your ears. Despite its size, this gland secretes hormones that influence nearly every part of your body.

    In hypopituitarism, you have a short supply of one or more of these pituitary hormones. This deficiency can affect any number of your body’s routine functions, such as growth, blood pressure and reproduction.

    Sanhamuk Reply:

    “You’re old”, not YOUR old.

    camille Reply:

    well she prob kept fit cause starting all those fires and killing all those people require energy, prob.

    anon Reply:

    no, i know someone with the same problem, hes a 15 year old teenager and has the exact appearance of a 8 year old boy, it seems rediculous but what happens is the dwarfism doesnt hit till puberty, or what would be puberty, because they dont go through it physically, its actually pretty dead on in this movie

    brandon Reply:

    If by “dead on” you mean there is an 18 year differnce between a 15 year old and a 33 year old then yes, you are “dead on”….and a moron. The point of the debate was to discuss that hollywood is completely rediculous and has no morals when it comes to selling movie tickets, not to prove that achondroplastic dwarves appear younger than they actually are. Everyone who has had the experience or taken the time to research achondroplastic dwarfism knows they appear younger than they actually are. But again, I would not categorize the hollywood fictional portrayal of a 33 year old woman as “dead on” with your sixth degree of seperation “I know someone different who struggles so I feel better about myself and look down on everyone else” connection. Please pay attention and focus on the issue at hand….
    or do you have add

    Crystina Reply:

    It’s not REDICULOUS its Ridiculous use spell check please

    Sanhamuk Reply:

    Crystina: It’ is wrong, you mean “it’s”, so you get a dictionary for yourself before complaining about someone who may just have hit the wrong button. Oh, and at the end of a sentence, please use a full stop. If you don’t know what one is use your spell check!

    Stick Reply:

    actually brandon, anon is right. i’m speaking from experience. i’m 4’10” and 22 years old. without makeup i look like i’m 12. this disease is real.

    tabbz Reply:

    Yeah “Stick” you’re right I have a friend who’s only 4′ 5″ and he’s 19. He really looks like a little kid with a little blush

  • Alisha

    I would think the pedophile thing would have much more to do with her mental state than her age. Being used by pervy old men for years would mess up anyone. The age is probably just a weak plot device used to up the creepy factor.

    Angie Reply:

    There is no pedophile thing in the movie nor any prostitution thing either. She’s simply a psychopath who enjoys playing terrorizing games with her victims before killing them.

  • Jake

    Ermm….thats one of the weirdest plots ever. I would agree not going and spending my extra $9 on such an akward plot.

  • Gossie

    Meh…doesn’t sound bad…I’ll just torrent it when it comes out and watch it at home. 😛

  • MD

    You people need to man up and watch some HBO.

    Makes this a piece of cake.

  • Renee

    Wow…yeah that has to be the most ridiculous plot or twist I’ve ever heard. What is this, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2?” C’mon Hollywood, get it together!

  • Travis

    Oddly, now I kinda wanna go see it

    Angie Reply:

    Me too. I find it intriguing.

    thompson Reply:

    I too want to see it now

    Stick Reply:

    i would suggest going to see it. i loved it.

  • wilson

    you guys are all dumb, it’s just a joke. why would that be the plot to a movie. i hope u were kidding…

    Coleman Reply:

    It isn’t a joke, the truth of the situation is she is actually an older crazy woman. Confirmed by early screenings. It’s actually better in the movie.

    carlos Reply:

    i watched the movie yesterday… i don’t like scary movies but i did it anyway. she is nuts she trys to seduce men and when she can’t she kills them. she is crayz. movie is good to watch if you don’t know the end… oops, too late

    rocky Reply:

    okay but why kill those kids, or attempt too?

    Angie Reply:

    Because she’s psycho!

  • Wow...

    Seriously – this is an episode of Law & Order: SVU. I watched it last night. A girl had been pretending to be 16 for 12 years and got away with it. Ridiculous.

    Anna Reply:

    Well yeah, but everything ever has been an episode of Law & Order. It’s the “Simpsons did it” of the horror/crime genre.

    bird Reply:

    oh man. i saw An American Haunting. walked out and said, “oh, so that was Ye Olde Law & Order SVU”

    Angie Reply:

    I’ve seen that episode; it’s nothing like the Orphan. I’m watching it today. I’ll keep you posted.

    Angie Reply:

    The storyline is nothing like that Law & Order episode. The only similarity is the proportional dwarfism. Yea, the dwarfism thing sounds crazy, but it’s not what you think. It plays out well in the movie.

    trish Reply:

    i was thinking the thing after i read the spoiler… like hmmm this was on law & order… thanks for confirming my thoughts

  • Really??

    Apparently the crazy murderousness can be attributed to John having been a John in the past?

  • haha i think shes a warewolf… haha jk but i tihnk she has something to do with the devil!! oh ya thats wut i thanks!

  • the reason she kills them all is that the movie would be even stupider if she just sat around and ate cookies for 90 minutes.

    no, the real reason is that the dad is a pedo so the orphan is pissed @ him & his family in general.

    Stick Reply:

    how is the dad a pedo when he denied her when she tried to kiss him? go watch the movie. it’s better than these morons give it credit for.

  • umm thats not a real spoiler it was a joke…

    carlos Reply:

    no it is real i watched it last night

    shannon Reply:

    oh really well can u blame me for thinking that i mea nreally pretty far fetch!!!!!!!!!!

  • are the paents really named john and kate really???!! haha come on sociaty/hollywood yes thats right if hollywood says it the world will soon follow get ready because those transformer aliens are coming… wow “shanon” you really know how to draw things out to long but whatever!!

    btw find my book it is called “my idea on hollywood comes out” in december 2009

  • Carolina

    I hope you all know that the spoiler about her being a 33 year old woman with a disorder is a joke, right? Some random person said it as a JOKE and it has taken on a life of its own. I went to the premiere and, although there is a GIANT unsuspecting twist, it is not that one. Haha I still can’t believe you all believed that! I want to meet the kid who made that up, he deserves to have his own reality show.

    Now, if you want to know what the real spoiler is I’ll tell you:

    (Remember: This first part is all told in flashback at the end of the movie so we don’t actually see this happen in real time)

    Esther is a little girl who was taken away by social services after she witnesses her mother murder her father in a really gruesome way. She is put in foster care for a while until she is caught trying to re-enact the murder scene with a little girl in her foster home. She is then put into an asylum (the spoiler about the ribbons around her neck and wrists covering scars from restraints is true). So, here’s the good part: One night she escapes from the asylum and knocks on a woman’s door saying her father dropped her at the edge of the nearby river and left. The woman lets her stay the night and promises to take her to the orphanage the next morning. The next day they drive to the orphanage where the woman and the orphanage director speak (We don’t hear this conversation). Then, the family comes and decides to adopt her after their first choice mysteriously is no longer up for adoption (we later find out she killed him). So, Esther basically wreaks havoc on the mother because her mother killed her father. She and her father were very close so she holds a soft spot for John and wants him all to herself.

    And that’s the big secret! Still juicy, but not as ridiculous as you all thought. Hope I cleared up some stuff!

    i's b me Reply:

    so what was the gruesome way her dad was killed?

    bird Reply:

    fuck. really? i like the other one better.

    Carolina Reply:

    Haha me too. That would have been one craaaaazy movie. A little ridiculous though, no?

    carlos Reply:

    dude i seen the movie yesterday. the spoiler is true

    Jess Reply:

    Yeah, It is true, wtf is this person talking about?

    Angie Reply:

    I too like the crazy twist. I’m seeing it today, so I’ll find out the ending.

    stefanyy Reply:

    omgz i so agree with you that sounds so crappy the uninvited had a better plot twist

    SoshaSosha Reply:

    Carolina this one was really good. I believe it and I like better than the Dwarf one lol. I haven’t seen the movie…But I just needed to know what her secret was. Thankyou.


    Carolina is a liar Reply:

    Obviously Carolina DIDN’T see the movie as the spoiler is true. Esther turns out to be a grown woman.

    Angie Reply:

    It is no joke! I just returned home from viewing the movie. It is twisted.

    Shannon Reply:

    Umm…I’m sorry Carlolina, but you are incorrect. That spoiler is definately true…I don’t know how you came up with YOUR plot, but I applaud you fror your creativity. :)

    crystal Reply:

    ummm you obviously didn’t see the movie. or your talking about some other movie. i am watching the orphan right now. and yes she is really a 33 yr old women with a rare disease. and to all those who aren’t very educated this disease is absolutely real. do some real research. i know a 17 yr old who looks like a 3yr old child and you would never know any different. baby face and all. god some of you are really dumb and totally critical before you even know the facts. goodness go to school or read every once in a while.

    Steve Reply:

    OMG thank you, i was reading all these ignorant ppl’s responses and it was clear that half of them haven’t seen the movie and have no common sense/google abilities. FYI all you ignorant ppl, physical medical conditions and an individuals mental state are completely different issues, that are great plot twists when combined on screen. LOVED the movie

  • Jay

    you’re a moron

  • Sarah=)

    pause at 2:02. Kinda gives fuel to the spoiler lol

  • PHX

    I thought it was bullshit at first too, especially after reading the comment from the person claiming to have gone to the premier, but I was watching the trailer and I saw a part of esther that looked like she was making a move on the husband. Watch the trailer, pay close attention to the scene following the broken mirror at minute/second 2:02

  • lynn

    Ray Bradbury wrote a story about a midget who lives by moving from family to family as an orphan. Also note that if you look up the actress on imdb they don’t give a birth date, which made me suspicious right away. Look at her pictures, she sure isn’t 9.

    lizzz Reply:

    I just checked imdb and it says she was born in 1997.

    lynn Reply:

    Yes, I saw it myself when I went back to imdb later that day. Swear to God, I looked at imdb that morning looking for reviews of the movie and there was no birthdate for her. I wonder if the “33 year old” rumors got around to whoever puts the bio on imdb?

  • Bug

    This twist is actually a made up rumour you know. Some random kid made it up. I can’t believe you ppl believe it!

  • John W

    I knew it.

    If you watch the trailers you see a scene where she throwing herself at the father. When I saw that I figured she was really an adult.

    stefanyy Reply:

    the kind of dwarfism shes talking about is wrong. you can be a fullgrown woman of 55 and look 55 youll just be under 4’10 in height. the dwarfism shes refering to is an actual perfect dwarf that is much smaller and appears to look young for the span of their life. they look like their between the ages of 4-6 and they are also charactorized by other disabilities such as mental retardation and a short life span!

    Stick Reply:

    well then pardon me for looking like i’m 12, being intelligent, and 4’10” at 22 years old.

    soda Reply:

    stick – looking young at age 22 and being short doesn’t mean you have a dwarfism disease. i’m 5’6 and when i was 22 someone asked if i had started high school yet. some people just look younger than their real age. i’ve known one girl who’s 4’10 and another who’s 4’11 and they both looked quite young in their twenties, but now that they’re approaching 30 they’re visibly aging like the rest of us. even gary coleman has wrinkles on his face now. and even i, when i don’t wear makeup, look a lot younger than my real age.

  • ummm… not wut i had expected… but y does she get so mad at everything???
    i get that shes 33 yrs old but y does she yell and scream and have like anger managment problems
    oh well… i guess ill find out tomarrow wen i c the movie

  • Leo


  • scarlet

    sooooooo which one do i believe? the one how the chick is 33, or the other one, (the person who said she’d been to the premiere..)?

    Angie Reply:

    She’s 33. She pulls off the child act until she fails at seducing her adopted father. As all the pieces come together, she is unmasked, and not in a pretty way.

    fnord Reply:

    Does that mean she gets naked at the end and has a huge unruly bush? It’s cool, I’d still hit that.

  • Sam

    Wow. now i all i really wanna do is go see the movie and confirm it myself.

  • LOLA

    Ok, here’s my 2 theories.

    Theory 1
    The mother is the one with a secret. She miscarries or loses her recent baby and feels guilty about that because, what nobody knows is that …she gave up her first baby for adoption (in secret), she was too young, blah blah. So now, she’s adamant on adopting, maybe possibly trying to unbind her Karma because she feels like she lost her new baby b/c of what she did in the past, letting this other child go. Ok, later a very special child that deserves to be adopted by this family peeks their interest. So they adopt her. Later…come to find out, this is the biological child of the mother that just adopted her and…..her necklace is covering her scars because during her fostering experiences, she was abused and eventually murdered and so she’s really a vendictive ghost seeking out the very woman that left her behind, wanting to ruin the family she created without her.

    Theory 2.

    The mother miscarries a child b/c she found out her husband was having an affair and so she’s riddened with mental issues from it. They decide to make the marriage work by trying to adopt another baby out of guilt of losing their recent one. The affair woman..mistress…is nowhere to be found. Come to find out, the child they adopt is the reincarnation of the mistress the father actually murdered, like.. (what lies beneath) but she’s fully animated. She comes to wreck havoc on the family he refused to leave for her.

    LOL. *shrugs*

  • LOLA

    Think about it…given the Synopsis..

    The tragic loss of their unborn child has devastated John and Kate, taking a toll on both their marriage and Kate’s fragile psyche as she is plagued by nightmares and haunted by demons from her past. Struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy in their lives, the couple decides to adopt another child. At the local orphanage, both John and Kate find themselves strangely drawn to a young girl named Esther. Almost as soon as they welcome Esther into their home, however, an alarming series of events begins to unfold, leading Kate to believe that there’s something wrong with Esther—this seemingly angelic little girl is not what she appears to be. Concerned for the safety of her family, Kate tries to get John and others to see past Esther’s sweet facade, but her warnings go unheeded.”[4]

    Ok, Now I ask, what are her new adoptive mother’s DEMONS from her PAST??? Did she give up a child before?

    Why does Esther have a European accent? W

    Angie Reply:

    The stillbirth of her child plagues Kate, the adoptive mother. She has horrible nightmares about this. This is one among many demons that plague her.

    Esther is Russian. Her nationality made it difficult for anyone to find out anything about her past until Kate starting digging into it.

  • Justine

    Nice try, Carolina, but the original plot twist is the right one. Just read this review, totally makes sense with the first plot twist but not with Carolina’s which seems pretty pedestrian in this genre.

    Mom’s demons from her past are alcoholism and the nightmares are from her recent loss of a baby (stillbirth), so the plot twist still makes sense.

    Angie Reply:

    The storyline was well developed. The girl is so evil! Those stares sent chills down my spine. I don’t know if anyone ever saw the Twilight Zone episode Talking Tina: “You better be nice to me.” OR ELSE!

  • Nids

    Here is a part of an interview with Vera Farmiga, who plays the mom in the movie:

    As for the horrific shocker ending of the film.
    “I didn’t see it coming. I was reading the script and I screamed and I laughed. I couldn’t believe the way things turned out. I had never read anything like that before. But it was wonderfully weird and scary.”


    The fact that she laughed makes me think the 33 yr old theory is true. Just my 2 cents. Either way, not going to see it!

    Angie Reply:

    Yea! It’s true. Go see it. Horror is about fear, taboo, and the weird!

  • Casey

    Has anyone seen the film Daddy’s Girl? It was made in 1996 and the plot is very much similar to Orphan. A little girl witnesses the murder of her father and is eventually adopted by a couple. She then proceeds to try to kill everyone that gets in the way of her relationship with her adoptive father.

  • Hardzy32

    Shes an extraordinary little girl, very “MATURE FOR HER AGE” -.^

  • Marie

    Adopting an OLDER child, is not a very easy decison.

  • Amanda

    Carolina, I just got back from the movie and I don’t know what movie Premier you saw but the “Orphan” I saw does have the spoilers everyone is talking about and NOTHING like your theories..She is a 33 year old woman and there never really is any indication why she is killing everyone other than the fact she was in a mental facility..So guys just so you know as cheesy as the spoiler sounds it is true. I was pretty disappointed..

  • Beth

    If this spoiler is true I can see why Esther would be angry. Imagine having to go through elementary school when your 33. That would majorly suck.

  • Greg

    Carolina and all these other idiots saying that the spoiler is fake are full of it. they’re probably working for the studio to keep the spoiler from spreading. i saw the movie. the spoiler is legit.
    lol at anyone who would say otherwise. dont waste your money. everyone in the theatre was like “wtf?”…there were even some laughs. one guy walked out

  • Margo

    Yes it is true a good friend of mine saw the movie and Ester is a 33 year old woman, just like the spoiler says.

  • Tony

    I didn’t care to see it anyway, but it is one of those movies where if a friend suggests it you just might waste $9 buck on it. Than you for saving 2’ish hours in my life :)

  • Brandon

    I can’t believe I spent this amount of time looking for this spoiler and reading all of these stupid posts. I believe the 33 year old midget spoiler, and I’m definitely not going to see this movie.

    *****The only good thing in this movie and worth seeing would be Vera Farmiga, but I doubt she would show her perfectly shaped a** in this movie. So, instead, I will watch “The Departed”. Now, that’s a movie with my kind of killing and plot.

  • Lexi James

    I heard the production company for “Orphab” may have people trying to diffuse rumors about the ending. That’s probably what Carolina was trying to do. Or maybe she said that so everyone would feel the need to go out and see which spoiler was true. What do you guys think?

    Angie Reply:

    It didn’t matter to me either way. I like to make up my own mind. Personally, I was intrigued by the twist, so I had to satisfy my curiosity. I’m enjoying the feedback here. Everyone’s entitled to one’s opinion.

  • Robert

    Is there any truth to the prostitution theory? If so, then that would explain the bizarre behavior I’ve heard about. Early childhood trauma leads to some very serious emotional issues. She could have nymphomania, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dissociative Personality Disorder, Antisocial Personality Disorder, and as an orphan, Reactive Attachment Disorder, among others. Although if she were prostituted by her father to male clientele, then typically, her emotional holes would manifest themselves against men–not women or children. However, if the trauma was caused by her mother, as I have also heard, then the malicious behavior makes sense in context. And especially if she Antisocial Personality Disorder, she would use divisive and manipulative means to achieve her goals.

    Angie Reply:

    I just saw the movie, and there is no prostitution. She’s a psychopath! Go see it. She is evil!

  • Rox

    Man…Just go see the movie. And if that little girl is starting stuff just whoop her ass

  • pkfan2004

    ….huh. I thought the twist would be that she had a wang. Either that or “she’s actually an old lady taking the form of a girl and she sucks the love of families to sustain her form”. Maybe I should watch less Japanese horror films.

  • Hardzy32

    She is indeed a 33 year old woman

  • kayla

    my boyfriend and i were going to see this movie tonight. since we are both under 18, his dad bought us the tickets. we go up to the ticket lady and she asks my age. then she says, “you can’t see this movie.” i was so mad because she didn’t ask my boyfriends age, just mine!
    i was really looking forward to seeing this movie and now i want to see it even more. if the 33 year old plot twist is true, i really want to see how it plays out. or even if the other twist is true. either way, i’m still mad i couldnt see it. gosh, that ticket lady was lame.

  • jenna

    she kills ppl cuz she is crazy that is why she is locked up

    ohh I thing I dont get is how did they adorpt her and the lady was saying great things about her then they are like “they never her of her’ yes they did she lived there

    anon Reply:

    the orphanige they adopted her from wasnt the orphanige that were on thephone to kate. Kate was on the phone to the orphanige she allegedly came from in russia, but ofcourse they never heard of her because she never went there, she lied about it. she really came from a mental institution in russia. ( because she’s actually a 33 year old prostitute with proportional dwarfism and hormonal growth defects.

  • Greg

    I’m pleased with myself. I was sitting with a friend the first time i saw the commercial and I called the twist haha. I knew as soon as they said something about a twist you’ll never guess. Glad i don’t have to waste my time with the movie now :)

  • Faith

    She has turner’s syndrome. I guessed it in the middle of the movie. I watched an epi of Law and order SVU where a girl had turners and dated young boys and also went from orphanage to orphanage. I wish they would have said this was what ester had it would have made more since :( Good movie though)

    Fezz Reply:

    she does NOT have turner syndrome at all. she has hypopituitarism.
    the girl in Law and order did have turner Syndrome but not Esther in Orphan
    Law and order actually got turner syndrome so wrong, while a girl with this condition who’s had none of the treatment will be short and may lack sexual developement, they do NOT look like children. You can tell in their faces they are older as the face ages as normal, just (if no treatment given) they will be short , about 4ft 8″ and wont develop boobs, rounded hips etc. they still look like Women.
    A 33yr old untreated TS woman will never look like a 9 or 12 yr old.
    believe me i’ve met such women as my daughter has the condition too (Turner syndrome that is). even the few ladies i know who were diagnosed late so missed the growth hormone treatment and the female hormone treatment do not look like little kids.

  • candice

    If she is indeed a 33-year-old woman, she may have severe PMS or even peri-menopause and this would explain the rage…hahahahaha

  • David

    The disease is called congenital growth hormone insufficiency, and it has nothing to do with dwarfism.

  • Rachel

    July 25th, 2009 at 7:09 pm
    The disease is called congenital growth hormone insufficiency, and it has nothing to do with dwarfism.”

    I see people with dwarfism on TLC/Discovery all the time (proportionate and not) – her face would NOT look like a child. I mean, even if you are a dwarf you age just like everyone else.

    I guess it’s one of those take a real disorder and distort it to fit your needs kind of thing. Hmm

    jason Reply:

    This can and has happened. It happened with a woman who skipped around from Missouri to Kansas. She did it about 3 or 4 times before she got caught. She passed herself off as a girl about 12 years old I think. They had her story covered on A&E if I remember correctly.

    Cat Reply:

    And in the movie they said she used make up and kids dentures. So it’s not like they’re saying she doesn’t age, just that it’s not so great that you can’t hide it.

    nick Reply:

    Any idea what this movie was called? Or any info that could help find it?

    trav is Reply:

    um the orphan ..duh

    Nick Reply:

    I was asking about the program on A&E.

    mark Reply:

    oh man, totally, it’s as if these fictional horror movies can just make anything up…. wait i thought that was the whole point.

  • lynn

    Does anybody besides me think it’s a shame that an actress who was probably 11 years old when they filmed this, had to say lines like “I’m going to cut off your (etc)” and do a make-out scene with an adult actor?

    kyle Reply:

    nope…who cares? and there was no makeout scene

    Anna Reply:

    she said more than that. and there was no makeout scene. im only 13, but i saw this movie with my friends, it was actually really good. it was pretty funny to. and the boy swore too. his character also looked at porn in the movie. so what, theyre getting paid a lot of money so it doesnt matter

    Sara Reply:

    Oh, yes…getting paid a lot of money makes everything just fine. I mean, hookers and hit men get paid a lot, so that must be okay, too. Please.

    kalen Reply:

    hookers and hitmen are illegal though, dollface. big difference there.

    Christie Reply:

    However, porn… well, it’s a slippery slope.

    howdie Reply:

    Actually bubba, legal does not mean moral. what the kids did in this movie was legal (somehow) but it wasn’t right.

    Max Reply:

    Yes, actually. I’m cool with both of those things.

    samantha Reply:

    i do i mean yeah there are alot of worse things happening but its got to be alot to handle on a kid to have to play an adult that has had all these problems i mean i don’t think we should single this case out but i’m only 14 and i think its ashame that those kids have to not only be exsposed and to it but also have to portray and sell it to an audiance i get that their trying to make an interesting movie but really? i mean a 33 year old homisidle prostitute played by an 11 year old? that has to be alot on the girl

    Zuko Reply:

    Did you ever see the excorcist? Did you ever see what the Linda Blair had to do when she portrayed Regan?

    Really, it’s nothing new. It’s been going on a lot longer than this film’s been in production. What’s the alternative? Just not make anymore horror films with kids in them? That’ll never happen. Kids can be some of the creepiest characters in horror movies.

    Hollywood is out to make a buck. And if a kid gets a part and their legal guardians are okay with it, why is it YOUR concern whether or not ‘they should be exposed to it.’

    Michael Reply:

    Because (1)it’s a free country, (2) we have freedom of speech, (3) they are apparently concerned about kids. Douchebag.

    Christie Reply:

    uh, likewise, given your first two points, you argue against yourself. douche.

    KyleF Reply:

    Linda Blair said years later in an interview that she had no idea she was depicting a bloody crucifix masturbation at the time. She said she thought she was just stabbing herself. In fact they just had her stabbing a sponge soaked in fake blood so she thought nothing of it. And she didn’t actually say the lines like “your mother eats cocks in hell” on the set.

    v. Reply:

    Exploitation occurs whenever a child is used by adults for the purpose of profit and the creation of artistic entertainment/expression. This doesn’t make such use ‘wrong’ though it is well within the boundaries of reason to perceive it as morally questionable. People desire free expression and are understandingly reluctant to acknowledge anything negative in it socially, but I do believe it is a shame that minds still developing a sense of reality and personal truth are conditioned to accept free speech as some kind of sacred right when it is actually a morally complicated and conflicted area of civilization.

    Much blood was spilled in territorial wars which led to the establishment of this country and the subsequent Bill of Rights. Is it foolish to find argumentation for one of those rights used to justify a desire to see human perversions exploited in expensive entertainment a bit absurd? I’m sure all of this seems excessive and pretentious in this particular context, and it probably is. But then not taking the most intensely influencial medium in human history seriously is a mistake the Nazi propaganda machine used to great advantage. Heil Hollywood, we are your guinea pigs. Just joking, sort of. Cheers.

    Zed11 Reply:

    Have you not seen The Exorcist?

    tim Reply:

    I was thinking the same thing after the movie… Even the little girl Max shot a gun at the end of the movie. I feel this is a violation of ethics… but the real perpetrators are the parents. They approve it becuase they want money.

    actualy Reply:

    actualy there was no makeout scene with an adult where did u get that… this wouldnt be in theatres thats completely illegal…

  • Ashley Brooke

    I wanna know why she was in an asylum. I mean oviously there are many reasons but what exactly is the main one and who put her there? And if she was still freaking crazy why let her out??

    actualy Reply:

    She was in an insane assylum in Russia because she did the same thing she did to the American family, she passed as a young girl, failed at seducing the husbang, killed them and burned the house down. Not sure how she got or how she ended up in the Orphanage in America though.

    Ellie Reply:

    She escaped, obviously….

  • livyatan

    1. It’s no longer pedophilia if she’s not really a minor.
    2. “Even a doctor thinks this crazy person is crazy” does not a twist make.

    What’s wrong with Esther seems pretty obvious in the trailer: she’s homicidal. Are we expected to be curious about why? Does anybody really care why somebody is homicidal?

    Keith Reply:

    “1. It’s no longer pedophilia if she’s not really a minor.”

    I think what they meant by pedophile, is that if a grown man is attracted to little girls, and sleeps with an adult, who looks like a little girl to “legally” satisfy his sick fetish for little girls, he’s still a pedophile. Imagining little girls, while you sleep with a grown woman still makes you a pedophile/sick f*ck, and there is a special place reserved in hell for you. (where you can enjoy pineapples with Hitler) And it’s still not only morally wrong, but illegal since it was suggested she was a prostitute.

    Cat Reply:

    Why pineapples? I like pineapples.

    I think it’s a matter of principle, not of semantics.

  • eh..

    i feel like they could have done so much more. this could have been an actual “horror” or “disturbing” movie and they ruined it by making it a teen scream. I HATE that. I hate the font on the poster. I hate the stupid “cliche” jump thing they have at the end of the trailer. I hate all the cliche horror movie lines. DUMB. I’m so angry because that twist is incredible. Incredible. Nobody would ever think that, when I found out I got chills. If done right it could have made audiences gasp and get stomach aches. But, no. They decided to market it for stupid teenagers on their makeout dates. A fucking popcorn movie when it had the potential to be as twisted and bizarre as Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Silence of the Lambs. AND THEY EVEN HAD AN ORIGINAL CHARACTER TO USE. ESTHER COULD HAVE BEEN A 2ND SAMARA! I hope the writer of this movie is dead; that way he wouldn’t have been able to see his work turned into a wanna-be slasher movie. i don’t even know what category to classify this as. GOD, IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD! … pity. i hate hollywood.

    Anna Reply:

    it wasnt a teen scream. i didnt scream once while watching this movie, it wasnt really that scary. it was more funny than scary

    samantha Reply:

    i think thats what shes trying to get at that it could have been a great horror movie but they decided to turn it more the comedy teen route

    Stick Reply:

    did you even watch the movie at all?
    it definitely wasn’t a “teen-scream” or whatever you called it. and the audience i was in the theatre with wouldn’t shut up the whole time about how “fucking sick” it was. and as for “she could have been a 2nd samara”; “the ring” was a scream flick. it was meant to be a scream flick and be twisted at the same time. i admit i loved it. but i honestly like this movie better. a friend had already told me the secret, but if i hadn’t known it, i wouldn’t even have suspected it.
    this movie was great, and i suggest you actually go watch it before putting it down.
    by the way, just because someone has sex with a person that looks like a child doesn’t mean they’re a pedophile. i am 4’10” and 22 years old. without makeup on i look like i’m 12. my husband is not a pedophile and thinks that the idea is sickening. but he loves me just the same.
    also, it was never suggested that she was a prostitute. it was said that she has lives her life posing as a child and when she can’t seduce the man of the house, she kills everyone. that’s not being a prostitute. that’s just sickeningly trying to have your way with someone. and taking out the witnesses if it doesn’t work. the movie was very twisted. go see it.

    samantha Reply:

    i agree its not pedifile but i think its different with the fact your husband knows your 22 and the husband would be having sex with a girl he would believe to be 9 and suposivly his adopted daughter and in his mind he is raping a little girl not having sex with his wife in your case or a women his age

    Joe Reply:

    Yeah, except there was no pedophilia in this movie. The dad apparently gets wasted off of a single bottle of wine, and while he doesn’t completely understand what she’s attempting, he has moments of clarity whenever she makes a physical advance, and he admonishes her directly. A youth coming onto an adult is *not* pedophilia.

    I thought the “twist” was pretty stupid, and they should have just left her as a demented little girl, or even not explained her background at all (beyond what we learned in the first half of the film). Fear of the unknown, after all, is the deepest fear of all.

    Faith Reply:

    I completly agree with everything you said here lol

    david Reply:

    i haven’t seen the movie yet (or ever will…), but that sounds like a pretty good summing up. it also seems like a rip-off of the good son, but where the naturally-born son is evil. i think they may have used the exact same tree fort set. The bridge looks similar too…

    Jess Reply:

    It’s actually really different from The Good Son. The treehouse/bridge thing may be similar but the settings are actually pretty different.

  • Blake

    This was the best movie of the summer. It wasn’t meant to be a “slasher” film. In this plot, it wouldn’t have even made any sense. She is mentally ill and searches to have to sex with grown men because she is a grown woman but the only men that will sleep with her have to be men interested in little girls because she looks like one. I loved it. I would pay to see it again.

    max Reply:

    i agree ive seen the movie 5 times in theatres.

  • DrCruel

    I saw this already years ago. Except that it was a Bugs Bunny cartoon short and the midget’s name was “Anthill Harry”, aka “Finster”.

  • Anna

    you people are retarded. dont judge the movie by some stupid spoiler. yes that is what the secret was, but there was more to it . im not gonna tell you tho, because you should see this movie. it was very good, and entertaining

  • Rick

    QUESTION: Does this movie make any of you “scared” of Orphans or think it will stop people from adopting? There are a lot of adoption organizations that are trying to stop this movie. I don’t think it’ll affect the Adoptions, do you?

    Stick Reply:

    no. not at all. at least not the good adoption agencies. the agency in the film (if it were real) would get shut down for not knowing the background of their children.
    i don’t think it will affect adoptions at all.

    Rick Reply:

    Thanks for your input and I agree with you…

    Amanda Reply:

    i honestly think, that if this movie changes the viewpoint of people adopting kids, they shouldn’t be adopting kids in the first place!

    Helen Reply:

    That’s just what I was going to say! If your decision to adopt is affected by a Hollywood movie, you really must be a sandwich short of a picnic yourself…

    Rick Reply:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks…

    KyleF Reply:

    This shouldn’t affect adoptions, my family has adopted 2 little girls and we are friends with many other adoptive families. After being an adoptive family and knowing countless I can safely say that an adopted child is loves and is loved by his/her family just as much if not more than any biologically related child. Genetics is NOT what makes a family. I hate to make this comparison but people adopt pets and love them enough to pay thousands in veterinarian fee. Most if not all adoptive parents would DIE for their adopted children without hesitation… I know mine would for my two Chinese sisters. (oh and its only been 5 months)

    Stupid comment Reply:

    “After being an adoptive family and knowing countless I can safely say that an adopted child is loves and is loved by his/her family just as much if not more than any biologically related child.” Seriously?

    One of the DUMBEST comments I’ve encountered online! And if you’re measuring “love” you probably wouldn’t make an ideal adoptive family.

    You Stupid Jack-hole Reply:

    Your parents obviously didn’t love you.

    Christie Reply:

    wow. just wow. I feel really bad for you.

    You are really dumb Reply:

    That was a really strange comment. I’d have to say that would have to be the dumbest comment I’ve ever encountered online. My goodness, think before you write – or type for that matter.

    Nicole Reply:

    NO it didn’t scare me and i don’t think it would affect the adoption centers cause this cases happen like 1 in every kazillion people in the world and we now have great technologies that can estimate how old the person is already living like the latest one is through the eyes.

    max Reply:

    quit being scared.

  • farzana

    omg i was soooooooooooooo scared i actusally cried whenn i saw rthis and im 15!!!!!!!! im such a baby

  • rebel

    omg i loved this movie. it ws so originial && i culdn take my eyes off of it. (kinda sad hw no one wntd to believ kate tho) especially whn we started to found out about how sic she actualy ws.

    samantha Reply:

    i think its sad that she had to lose her family because the people she loved wouldn’t believ her

    Christie Reply:

    eh, somehow I wasn’t so sad the dad died. he never believed his wife. ever. sortof had it coming…

    Ellie Reply:

    i totally agree!!!! How could he be so blind? Esther was there every single time that something horrible happened to someone.

  • Elaine

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve read the plot-line and quite a few of the spoilers.

    My question is – who are the boy and little girl in the movie?

    Supposedly the parents were adopting because they didn’t have any children, and had just miscarried one.


    Faith Reply:

    No they had to children already, the little girl and olderish boy that you saw. The parents wanted to adopt a little girl because she miscarried on her 3rd pregnancy.

  • stefi

    o my god….
    it’s so stupid!

  • samantha

    the boy and the girl are their biological children but they adopted because their third pregnancy was a still born so they adopted not because they couldn’t have children

  • Vaudey

    “I hate all the orphans in the WHOLE WORLD.”

    I thought the same about adopting kids in relation to this movie. It’d make me second-guess adopting, especially little dark-haired girls with accents. I’d already be scared of a blonde one, because of village of the damned. South Park scares you away from the ginger kids. Also, no kids from Nebraska or anywhere around there because of the The Children of the Corn. As far as adopting, I’d be out of options almost…

    Jilian Reply:

    That is hilarious, I can’t believe you remember all those adoption episodes/movies and the states they are from.
    It all comes back to me now.

    hannah Reply:

    you are an idiot…just throwing that out there

    Cat Reply:

    probably for the best you don’t adopt then. 9_9 or have children at all.


    Um F.Y.I this movie was made up so it was not based on a true story but the events are real. Yeah it could happen to people but you shouldn’t second-guess about adopting a child! That’s just plain stupid! Do you think every child in this world is like Esther? NO! You shouldn’t let some dumb movie help you decide weather you’ll adopt an orphan or not. I’ll adopt one when I’m older cause this is just crap what you guys are saying. This movie was an extremely bad example for people and no I’m not talking about the kids in the movie and what they did, I’m talking about the story behind it. The movie sucks and I hate it, all of you are a bunch of idiots and if that’s what you think about orphans you’re talking about your own children, how they can be like esther. God it was just a freaking movie not some discovery channel news!

    LMAO Reply:

    Ha! “PPl R IDIOTS” (oh the irony..) meet sarcasm!! Your lack of common sense yet resevoir of ignorance… thank you I needed a good laugh!!

    errm? Reply:

    so you’ll be adopting a child to prove it wont kill you?

    max Reply:

    screw you this movie is awesome your life must suck and i hope one day youll run into esther and shell hurt you

    Caleb Reply:

    you realy are racist

  • Carlos G.

    Being a huge fan of M. Night’s twisted movie endings, I enjoy watching movies that claim to have a “secret” at the end. I knew going into this movie that the director is not the most inventive around, ( he made a re-make of House of Wax, with Paris Hilton, I don’t need to say more.) however what really saves the movie is the amazing performance by Isabelle Fuhrman. (Ester) she is no stranger to mature plots since she starred along side Dakota Fanning in that controversial movie Hounddog.
    Fuhrman manages to make a presence in every scene and becomes the person we follow and love throughout the movie. If after she pushes the girl off the slide, or drags the body off the road you feel good that she got away with it, she just became your protagonist for the rest of the movie. We almost want to defend her action and we are in denial of her guilt. All of this stops when we reach the ending, and although some what shocking, I saw it coming since she refused to go to the dentist. In conclusion it’s a funny movie to watch, but just leave the little ones at home.

    Christie Reply:

    I felt quite the opposite. I had to stop myself from yelling “b*tch” the entire movie after I figured out her scheme! Funny how movies strike us differently..

  • Father of daughter

    I had to walk out on this movie. I am 25 and my wife is 23, we are not ultra conservitives or ultra religious. I really feel bad that the only way people can get a rise is to watch a grotesque piece of shit, rampit with demented scenes of soft porn in front of their children, a child looking at porn, and the utterly disturbing scenes of violence in front of a deaf innocent little girl. I would truly be mortified if my daughter became desensitised enough to require such demented scenarios for something to be entertaining. I feel very sorry that if you do enjoy this movie, you must have experienced some truly horrible events to immunize you to this behavior. I guess it isnt normal anymore to consider paedophelia a little to taboo to be entertaining.

    elijah Reply:

    settle down. do you realize that its entertaining because its fake with special effects? i dont think very many people would like it if all the acts in this movie were 100% real. but they werent. so shut up. you gonna be one of those parents that drives their kid crazy when they are a teenager because you wont let them do normal things, but you say your “protecting” them but your actually torturing them. you are a very ignorant person for judging something because it has blood in it. think of how much work went into the movie. you just insulted like 1000 people. [Comment moderated for extreme content.]

    chloe Reply:

    i strongly disagree with u! i am 11 and i loved this movie, im perfectly normal im not goth and i dont love when people die, but i think it was a great story or suspense and horror. oh and i havent experienced anything that horrible!!!!

    hannah Reply:

    i respect your views on this movie…i have not seen it yet. i think i would probebly like it…but still you have a right to your opinion and these people that have commented on here are being very rude and i totally disagree with them.

    Christie Reply:

    I believe it’s not so much that we’re desensitized but rather that we’ve grown up in a world where we constantly need to depict real from fake, with video games getting more realistic every day. Additionally, I feel (at least personally) I didn’t “enjoy” those scenes at all! It was like the Passion of the Christ.. no one sits down with their popcorn to see Jesus whipped for 3 hours straight. Rather, the distaste and discomfort of those scenes give more importance and meaning to the message of the movie.

    Jennifer Reply:

    I completely agree with you. I do believe many people now are desensitized thanks to the movie industry and I think people should be horrified when they see little kids watching… It all sickens me and I hope one day people will start to have a little morality.

  • Wouldntyouliketoknow

    Sooo all together is this a good movie?

  • orphanboy

    the gurl who plays esther is soo cool. she is a little ugly in the movie but very pretty in real life and it was a great movie. this is better than any of the other dumb “scary” movies u cud see

    chloe Reply:

    i know! totally agree!

    Cat Reply:

    How much time must she have spent on her hair in the movie? A looooot.

  • MC

    I figured out the twist about halfway through, but that did NOT prepare me for the reveal. It’s a lot creepier when you actually see it.

  • steven

    i think most of you people are overreacting. i thought esters secret was a wierd but ingenius way to make a horror movie character. i never once thought she wuld turn out to have a disorder that made her look like a child. i mean this is a movie ppl. you should enjoy it not think about it as something in real life.

    rockercookies27 Reply:

    thats wat im tryin 2 say! its just a movie but a totally awesome one! :)

  • Allisons

    I honestly didn’t want to really see it because I thought it would be another cheesy teen scream horror flick like many other horror movies that have come out these past few years. My parents wanted to see it so I figured i would join them….I loved it. It actually deeply disturbed me and I know this because not many movies give me the chills. When i listened to that phone call from the man from the mental hospital to kate, I covered my mouth and I was all squirmy and on the edge of my seat the whole movie. I LOVED max, she was so adorable and such a good actress for being so young. She is really hearing impaired and I just love her…I’m really sad they killed off the dad, i liked him in the movie except when he would never believe Kate…I thought they should have let him live though! Overall, I loved this movie and it scared the shit out of me.

  • Omfggg
    this movies plot thingy is cool
    but asso sickk

  • Gennie

    Just to clarify: this movie is rated R, yes? So how is it we have 11-15 year olds saying how much they liked it, it scared them and all the “omg”s? It’s been a looooong time since I’ve had to sneak into R movies but they don’t seem like they are sneaking.

    KB Reply:

    Yes, the movie is R rated, but I don’t think anyone’s sneaking. It’s easy enough to go with a friend, sibling, or parent, or at least to get them to buy you the ticket. Actually, I’m not sure you even need ID when it’s a matinee. If, as you say, it has been such a long time since you have been sneaking into R rated movies, things have changed. Even easier than asking someone to get you in is to simply watch the film illegally online. Not something I do, but it’s common enough to leave us unsurprised when we hear a 4th grader talking about the Hills Have Eyes. It’s simply the way things are now, especially with this generation, because many kids have parents who aren’t well enough acquainted with technology to know how to track cookies on the computer.

  • Caleb

    umm who cares what 11-15 year olds it is realy none of your buisness it is the parents choice. so when will you people relise this

  • STFU

    you are an asshole.
    Is a good movie.

  • Kameron

    This is a GREAT! movie. I am only 11 but i loved it it was scary at times but i reallly liked it

    Uriah T Wolfe Reply:

    I notice the “It was GREAT!” versus “It totally sucked!” seems to be split along age categories. Kids seem to like it, adults seem to hate it – eh, I guess that’s not so unusual. It appeals usually to one group or the other, not both. Usually. :-#

  • boredtodeath

    It’s very cool that all of you guys are soo concerned about children’s rights and all that. Seriously, I mean, we all know that posting here will ring the bells of the hollywood directors…C’mon guys, stop being haters…don’t tell me that those “exploited” kids aren’t just happy for being in all those movies…

  • James

    what is esther doing with the dad doing at 2:02 ?

  • CHAD69

    Damn , Esther is ssso HAWT …

    wut a stupid dad !!!!

    I would”ve left my family behind and marry her instead… :)

    Ellie Reply:

    wow ur weird…….

    rockercookies27 Reply:

    OMG! r u serious dude! the dad still thought she was frikin 9 he didnt kno she was actually 33! weirdo…..

  • Ellie G

    These comments are really different, you’ve got people saying that orphans shouldn’t be adopted anymore, and also people that think the movie was kick ass, I am one of those people. I watched the movie last night, and when we got ready for bed and all the lights were off, I kept looking behind me because I expected her to be there. Overall I think it was an awesome movie, and you should watch it before you judge it. At first, before I watched it, I was like “This movie is going to suck”, and then I watched it with my dad, and I was like “This movie is awesome.” SO, PLEASE watch it before you judge it like some of these ignorant people. (By the way, I’m only 12, so if I can sit through it, then adults can too.) (I’ve seen about 30,000 horror movies, so don’t reply to this like, “She shouldn’t be watching horror movies.)

  • Elle

    These comments are really different, you’ve got people saying that orphans shouldn’t be adopted anymore, and also people that think the movie was kick ass, I am one of those people. I watched the movie last night, and when we got ready for bed and all the lights were off, I kept looking behind me because I expected her to be there. Overall I think it was an awesome movie, and you should watch it before you judge it. At first, before I watched it, I was like “This movie is going to suck”, and then I watched it with my dad, and I was like “This movie is awesome.” SO, PLEASE watch it before you judge it like some of these ignorant people. (By the way, I’m only 12, so if I can sit through it, then adults can too.) (I’ve seen about 30,000 horror movies, so don’t reply to this like, “She shouldn’t be watching horror movies.)

    brittany Reply:

    i totally agree. and all of you are just ruining the movie for the people who havent seen it! the twist is no fun without watching the movie! some of the stuff young actors shouldnt have seen but still… awsome movie and people should so watch it!(and im 13 and have seen like a billion horror movies so dont worry)

  • sasha

    i liked the movie. i wish there was a little more back story and that the dad didnt die.

    Uriah T Wolfe Reply:

    The dad deserved to die after what he did to Caroline in “The Skeleton Key”. Luke Marshall, that b*st*rd. 😉

  • Actually, I guessed the general gist of the “secret” the first time I saw the trailer. Really, it was the only thing that made sense given all the “clues”. And while I don’t know if the movie is any good or not, I actually thought it was a cool idea. I’ll end up seeing it at some point either way, it’s just the kind of creepy twisted screwed-up mind-game I like reading about. I’m into studying true-crime, and believe me, this scenario is -not- as far-out as so many seem to think it is – it’s happened, numerous times, over the years. Don’t take my word for it, look into it for yourself. “posed as a child” might be a good search term to start with. :-)

  • Lisa

    So- my son is 23 years old and he looks like a 16 year old boy going through the bad stages of puberty, I DON’T LIKE ALL THESE COMMENTS. LEAVE THE DWARFS ALONE. And you can call my son “Benjamin.” GOOD DAY!

    If you are looking for more information on this subject, please call;

  • Sandy

    Uhmm Who cares? THE END: Esther is a 33 year old pyscho bitch (:

    rockercookies27 Reply:

    hahahaha! true dat! :)

  • tammy

    i loved the movie,but only one thing is confusing the spoilers it said esther was a former prostitute taht just looks young.but in the actual movie,in what scene does it ever mention she was a prostitute?

  • look its an awesome movie people! i mean sure some stuff in the movie was a little inappropriate for the kid actors to experience but haayyy they got paid 4 it! and no none of the movie to me should stop ppl from adopting little girls. and a couple comments up they only adopted cause they had a still birth and she didnt WANT to have another one. and the dad wasnt a petofile (mispelled)! esther was the freak of the movie! thats all i gotta say and it would be awesome to be able to meet the girl who played esther…… i dntsee wat all of u r arguing over!?!?!

  • Watzit Tooya

    The Orphan was actually not horrible—- and it would be wayyy more fun to watch the actual movie and learn the twist. I loved the movie and it would be no fun to learn the twist without even watching the movie. Besides, what if you would want to watch the movie in the future?! You would wish you hadn’t known.

  • brittany

    ok. in the movie i dont think it ever mentions she is a prostitute… but anyway… it was a good movie with a weird twist. i think its worth your money if you like freaky movies. i actually almost cried at the end. and people its hollywood! they are NEVER gonna get ALL the facts right and still make a GOOD movie! get over it! all it is is a MOVIE! just like tv is just TV! some are accurate and real and some are not! people just need to understand that and sit back to enjoy a good/decent movie without correcting it.

  • anon

    If she has that condition, wouldn’t it be documented? How is she allowed to stay in the orphanage? Don’t they do checkups and stuff there? Surely they would discover her condition.

    Steve Reply:

    children’s services are strained enough as it is, they won’t waste money on a child who seems fine, and would probably not force a child who wouldn’t submit to medical care. As far as the last orphanage was concerned, she was healthy and in this country legally. She had papers documenting that she was from Russia which must have been forged, and its not too hard to imagine that no one bothered to double check her story. The one issue I would agree with you on is that she would have probably been checked out after her last family’s house fire, but then she probably said that she was fine, and the cops let her get away with the whole traumatized little girl who doesn’t like doctors act and let an EMT clear her after a quick once over.

  • I can’t believe some of you guys actually thought this movie was either good or in any way realistic! You obviously watch way too much “Days of Our Lives”!

    Check out my review of “Orphan” –

  • Paige

    what i dont get is why did esther kill the kids? i mean it cant just because she is physco there must be a reason.

  • JoAnne Haynes

    I enjoyed this movie, even if the characters did some really dumb things. Esther was terrific. I’m glad the father was dead, as he deserved it. The little deaf girl was darling, and I’m glad she was saved. This is the scary type of movie I talk to the characters as I watch at home, and tell them how unprepared they are, or how stupid they are, but I must continue to watch. The scene where the makeup comes off the more adult Esther is fantastic. The end killing was overdone, reminded me of “Fatal Attraction.” The black nun was unrealistic, I know as I once lived in a convent. Their habits never fit them correctly, and they sure don’t look the part. I enjoyed the piano playing, and would like more of that. OK, I liked it better than I thought I would.

    danielle Reply:

    I have this disease and its really hard being 21 years old and looking 9 to everyone who meets me.

    camille Reply:

    I didnt think daddy died, I thought he survived the stabbing by esther 10 times or so.

  • You all suck for those of you who hate orphan! That was one of the best movies Ive seen, even though I don’t like the part when Sister Abigail dies b/c she’s the only black person who dies. The movie was nice and had a good twist to it. I watch it online all the time on mega video for free. Its a good movie and better than “the bad seed” crap and any other of those wanna be scary movies like Jennifer’s Body!

  • Shelby

    i wish i was born with that disorder and dont hate that movie cuz its my fav.the only downside is i wish we knew a little bit more about esther. like why was she trying to seduce john and all the other fathers so yah i think think they should make another orphan put as a prequile like leenas life as an orphan

  • zebex

    Interesting how the concept of peadophilia still makes people shy away from admitting they like a film, whereas films that include female rape and mutilation are so common place we barely bat an eyelid anymore..

  • camille

    I thought the twist was fantastic, I have watched orphan now about 200 time’s well I have it on while working, I love this movie, great twist, the best twist since cyphon.

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