The Dead Weather to premiere short film; music fans to shrug indifferently

If you didn’t know already, The Dead Weather has a “short film” coming out for their song “Treat Me Like Your Mother.” According to the email we received, it will be “groundbreaking,” “uncensored,” and “on Cinemax.” Frankly, I’m surprised that Cinemax would stoop so low as to possibly show nudity. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, they’ve released a couple of trailers for the short, which will premiere on Cinemax at 9:55 on July 11th “in its entirety.” And that’s really misleading, considering the thing is probably pretty fucking short. Judging by the trailers, they should have named the song “People Walk Dramatically.” They were only thirty seconds long and I was bored.

…Woo! That post was a mean one. I’m sure, in the end, the short film will be absolutely lovely in all its gun totin’, Cinemaxin’ glory. But for now: all aboard the Bitter Train, choo choo!

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