Bagheera is a winner. Plain and simple.


To be honest, something about the email we got from Bagheera’s press team threw me off, and I began listening to their music with a bit of hesitation. Thankfully, that feeling wore off quickly, as listening to the hazy, devious sound from the Liverpool, UK boys put me in the right mood on this rainy-turned-less-rainy day.

They describe themselves as comparable to Grizzly Bear and Yeasayer. Yeah, reaching for the sky pretty hastily. But um… they’re kinda, well, right. The music is experimental and ambient (and has some prominent electronica here and there), as they’re clearly playing to indie music’s current state of worshiping unfamiliar sounds. Check them out before they blow up. These tracks are off their self-produced, self-released debut EP, Hollow Home.

Bagheera – “Horizons Lined With Scars” [MP3]

Bagheera – “Old Machine” [MP3]

Bagheera on MySpace

3 comments to Bagheera is a winner. Plain and simple.

  • Chris N

    I don’t think ‘respite’ means quite what you think it means 😉 Great band to pick up on though, I just recently heard them and was very impressed.

    Lee Reply:

    Haha Chris, you’re quite right. I misinterpreted what I thought it meant. Ugh – now I feel like an idiot :(. Anyways, it’s changed – thanks for the comment and for the kind words on the pick-up. I think they have a ton of potential.

    – Lee

  • Chris N

    I’ve made enough bonehead writing mistakes to know exactly how you feel…

    Agreed about this band’s potential – these guys might really be going places!