Cool Things: The “Asteroids” movie

Oops, did I say “cool things?”  I meant to say “the worst things.” It’s true, Universal is making a movie, a real movie, based on the old arcade game Asteroids. You know, that game where a little pixely triangle shoots little pixely dots at bigger pixely shapes? I guess they figured Q-Bert would have offered too complex a story line that would only confuse audiences (what is it and why does it need to jump on everything??). 

What’s better is Universal got the rights to make the movie after an intense bidding war with other studios. Screenwriter Matthew Lopez is fresh off compelling projects like “Bedtime Stories” and “Race to Witch Mountain.” So I’m banking on both Adam Sandler AND Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to star.

Hollywood needs to like, go back to Hollywood school where people just slap them in the face.

[via THR]

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