In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


In case you missed it, Michael Jackson died. Here’s the rest of the week in review.

Matt Haeck’s acoustic pop prompts Lee to consider recent rise (?) of acoustic pop.
Low is defined as slowcore, which means just south of nothing to Jon. What he does know is that he likes their music.
Sweet deal at the matt pond PA webstore.

Review Tuesday (Lee): Regina Spektor’s Far is confident, polished, predictable.
Sarah RabDAU and Self-Employed Assassins back in our minds with charming new video for “Autumn Spills”.
Review Tuesday (Jamie): Dinosaur Jr. is unique, but tiresome on Farm.

Day off. :(

Mew’s new album a big blow to normalcy in most every way. Listen to one of the tunes, “Repeaterbeater”.
MJ, the King of Basketball Pop, goes into cardiac arrest, passes, turns the music world upside down. Sad day in the history of pop – no matter your opinion of Michael Jackson the person, he was a pop icon.

Beck covers more Velvet Underground with “I’m Waiting For The Man”.

Quality video surfaces of The Decemberists covering Heart’s “Crazy on You”.
The O’Darling’s new effort shines, and we’ve got a preview for you. There’s something magical about this band.

*Pick of the Week*
Heartache with Hard Work: “We all will be received in Graceland” One of the most articulate and refreshing blogs on the web, with frequent breakdowns of lyricism and the music that follows suit, flashes back to and reviews Paul Simon’s Graceland. Read up.

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