Quickly rising: Matt Haeck and his acoustic pop

Matt Haeck

I think a bit of a dilemma is occurring. I’m tempted to call these times the resurgence of acoustic pop, though I’m obviously aware that acoustic pop has been, and will always be, near the top of the music scene. But lately (I’m talking this decade) it has delivered more than its typical share of wonderful artists rising to the top – with folks such as Sufjan, Bon Iver, and the Frightened Rabbit crew, among others of course, becoming major indie darlings. We’re seeing a plethora of these artists popping up on everyone’s favorites these days, and not only for those who like the slowcoustic business ;).

With that lengthy intro, I introduce to you Matt Haeck, a captivating acoustic artist in his own right – as soon as I heard his music on MySpace I knew I needed to contact him for KR. And lucky for us, he’s one of the good guys! He responded very warmly, and now we get to display his music for your enjoyment. With a new EP, Western States, due out late this summer, Haeck, transplanted from the Midwest to San Diego (and now Nashville) has a piercing voice that slices right down to our very core, relying on our ever-so-macho outsides to break down and let him in. Occasionally mixing strings, keys, percussion, etc. in the form of The Quiet Light (his backing band) with that voice, Haeck is sure to make a great mark on the acoustic scene with his stirring pop. Those who know him already know this – he won “Best New Acoustic Artist” of the 2008 San Diego HAT Awards. So yeah, you should probably listen.

Matt Haeck – “Drug Like The Ocean” [MP3] (from the upcoming Western States EP)

Matt Haeck – “The Crow” [MP3] (from the upcoming Western States EP)

Matt Haeck on MySpace

Purchase his full-length, Pair of Sirens, here.

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