McGowan, not simply an American Regular


I’m not really sure if this guy’s name is McGowan or Mcgowan, it says both on his MySpace. How are those things decided anyway? I think his name is McGowan and he goes by Mcgowan as an artist. Confusionnnn. (*See comments for some clarification!)

Whatever, this McSomething from Brooklyn is ripe with pop/rock to make those naming shenanigans hardly matter. Sunshiney, hook-laden pop defines McGowan’s latest work off his album American Regular. We already know that from his pedigree he’s going to come up with some grand pop tunes – he worked with Ben Lee on his uber-popular Awake is the New Sleep,  including the standout single, “Catch My Disease”. As McGowan says himself,

I was trying to reflect my generation, where I came from, and the present state of things – but mostly trying to make a raw, fun, rockin’ record.

Amen to that.

McGowan – “American Regular” [MP3]

McGowan – “On The Other Side” [MP3]

3 comments to McGowan, not simply an American Regular

  • james

    I wondered what happened to Mcgowan! – i saw him play some acoustic shows in NYC and he was a lot of fun to watch.

  • Lauree

    Stumbled upon your post as I’m prepping my top albums of 2009 list (I wait until the very end of the year!) and McGowan’s is on sure to be on it.

    I have the joy of knowing him from his Philly days (even though I live in NoVA now) and McGowan is actually his first name….I wouldn’t put so much into the little “g” vs. the big “G” as I think it’s more of typo than anything else!

    No matter, he’s an amazing singer, and an even more amazing songwriter.

    Lee Reply:

    thanks for the info, Lauree. I suppose I should get that changed then, shouldn’t I…