David Lynch is makin’ some tunes


Director of all things creepy and nonsensical David Lynch is back at it, but instead of a movie, his newest output is in the realm of music. It’s a seven song album officially titled Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute to Dave Jaurequi, and the first released song is streaming over at EW.com. The song’s a bit unsettling, which makes sense even though the man himself isn’t singing. (The singer is the Dave Jaurequi from the album’s title, who has since passed away.) According to Lynch, “…I love that ’50s feel of innocence and pain mingling.”

You would, sir.

I’m getting flashbacks to the chick with the weird cheeks from Eraserhead singing “In Heaven,” based on that quote. But the song itself is pretty solid. I’m looking forward to the album, actually. It’ll be out June 30.

Stream the new song here.

For now, here’s a video: if David Lynch directed A Goofy Movie. Why? Because holy shit, that’s why.

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