Bleu to release third solo album, A Watched Pot, July 14

A Watched Pot cover

Singer/songwriter, “Bleu“, has one of those voices that inspires, making the impossible seem all the more likely. Or maybe its the other way around, evoking sadness, as jealousy rides along while you listen to his high whimpered, precious falsetto. And then he brings it back down to actual human levels with a resounding lower tone. Careful not to wet your pants.

Out of Boston (again, hometown nod :)) Bleu has taken quite the musical journey to get to his third solo album,  A Watched Pot (which drops July 14), having written songs for numerous pop stars and played shows with various others, including the likes of Ryan Adams, Rooney, and John Mayer. His careful knack for the elegant pop song, mixed with a slight edge of folk/country, is not lost on the listener, and though the production might seem a bit over the top, I wonder if Bleu’s voice is suited for anything less.

Having listened to the entire album, I do realize it can be described as “mainstream television” material. But I also can honestly ask, who cares when you have someone so talented on your hands (or in your ears, for that matter)? Sorry if your indie filter won’t let your pop sensibilities loose. Nearly every song has the ability to lift you to a level higher than you would imagine, with prominent, breathtaking strings and pulsating keys for staggering crescendos, which, when mixed with softer verses, create near transcendental moments. Provided below are a couple teaser tracks (graciously provided to us by Bleu) from A Watched Pot to whet your appetite until you get your hands on the full thing.

FYI, A Watched Pot features multiple tracks recorded by other artists for their own albums. So uh, maybe you’ll recognize one of these if you’re really into that pop thing…

…Hanson lovers, you out there? Stop hidinggggg

Bleu – “Go” [MP3]

Bleu – “No Such Thing As Love” [MP3]

Bleu on MySpace

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