Love is All proves that pretty much every band from Sweden rocks


I first heard Love is All by accident, honestly, when they were opening for Of Montreal. I remember a very excitable saxophonist, a shrill female vocalist with a drumstick and a cowbell, and just a very fun and energetic show overall. In retrospect, they were the perfect warm up for the insanity Of Montreal brought along.

Luckily, much of their music translates well to CD. Much of it is very catchy, carried along by vocalist Josephine Olausson’s heavily accented sing-speak vocals. The alto saxophone shows up often and acts as a healthy backing layer for the guitar and drums.

Here’s three songs from the band’s full length A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night. As a side note, on “A More Uncertain Feature” is a great duet between Olausson and guitarist Nicholaus Sparding, where the former displays quite the Joanna Newsom vocal style. Sound good? Awesome.

Love is All – “Wishing Well” [Mp3]

Love is All – “New Beginnings” [MP3]

Love is All – “A More Uncertain Future” [MP3]

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