In Case You Missed It: Week in Review

Pope at Six Flags

In case you couldn’t handle Six Flags filing for bankruptcy and went there every day this week, here’s what you missed on Knox Road (note: above photo did not happen this week):

How can we ignore a track when 3 amazing artists are included? (Jon Hopkins, Headless Heroes, Alela Diane).
Sarah RabDAU and Self-Employed Assassins know how to work their appeal (hopefully not the assassins part), and create enormously catchy piano pop.

First installment of Jamie’s proclaimed “Cool Things”: Eminem and Jay-Z discuss DJ Hero.
Review Tuesday: Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca is erratic and sweet.
Parts & Labor make infectious songs covered in layers of fuzz and powerful vocals.

Illinois’ final cut of The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe is complete, but not with expected results, according to Lee.
New MP3 from The Fiery Furnaces, “The End Is Near”, not as weird as we’re accustomed to.
Second “Cool Things” installment: Raffi (Beluga man!) and Lil’ John mashup video.
Basically, we can post a live performance from Sigur Ros and it will never fail.

Ear Pwr’s video for “Future Eyes” essentially made by two kids and their friends having fun in someone’s basement.
The mature music of Caroline Reese, she of so many (…18) years, is sweet and confident.
Another Sonya the Slow Loris video. Those eyes! Those hands!

Animal Collective video for “Summertime Clothes” way too artsy and metaphorical, making absolutely no sense. (Or does it? Help?)
We The They’s name makes no sense – but it doesn’t matter – they’re shimmery, colorful, and perfectly channel the upbeat within everyone.

Knox Road gets an MP3 all to ourselves (mwahaha…how come I can never sound evil?) from The Scarlet Ending in its entirely raw, pre-produced state.

*Pick of the Week*
Slowcoustic: “The Antlers “new” Album Hospice, gets me back on board” Our good friend Smansmith takes a step back and finally gives a good listen to Hospice, evoking a shining review.

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