We The They beam vivacity


Despite a name that conjures…actually, I’m not sure what We The They conjures. And I don’t really care. I’m sure it’s something connotative or humorous, but even if it was something ridiculously emotorical (made up word -> reeking of emo metaphors) and cheesy, I wouldn’t care. Because their music puts a smile on my face, and that’s all I can really ask for.

Yet We The They go beyond such expectations, with a mish-mosh of guitar, bass, drums, keys (specifically the organ!), and vocals from all five members. Making shimmery and colorful tunes, the guys from New York have a knack for channeling the upbeat. Having been compared to The New Pornographers (and in my opinion, Throw Me The Statue with a dash of Ben Kweller vocals) their delightful afternoon pop resonates during these warm summer days. Give the first two tracks off their EP, The Shabby Road Sessions, a good listen, and be sure to watch for their full length due out this fall.

Don’t worry if you start dancing. It’s not like I’m giving myself a headache with bopping or anything… (I should learn to get some better moves.)

We The They – “Pastures” [MP3]

We The They – “To The Mountains” [MP3]

We The They on MySpace

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