Young talent alert: Caroline Reese


While you read this, listen to the MP3s I’ve posted below. Now, as you soak up Caroline Reese‘s gorgeous voice and acoustic guitar, ask yourself this: “Self, how crazy it would be if Caroline was just 18 years old?”

Well, I’m sure you know where this is going.

Everything about Caroline’s music suggests a maturity way beyond her age. It follows a distinct folk background, relying on strummed acoustic chords and the occasional flourish (an electric guitar riff, male guest vocals, violin, etc.) to change things up. At the front of it all, though, is her voice. Female vocals with such sweetness and confident delivery are hard to come by. And, again, she’s only 18. Great things are on the way.

Caroline is currently preparing her debut EP for a (hopeful) fall release. For now, though, I have three crisply produced and emotionally hefty songs for you all to try out. I’m impressed, in case you couldn’t quite tell. Thoughts?

Caroline Reese – “Gone” [MP3]

Caroline Reese – “From Where I Stand” [MP3]

Caroline Reese – “Indian River” [MP3]

Caroline Reese on MySpace

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