I don’t have a witty pun to describe Parts & Labor, but their music is awesome


These lovely guys (and girl) go by the name Parts & Labor, and they’re from the ridiculously fertile music grounds of Brooklyn. Technically, their music is some mishmash of indie, punk and noise, but with their latest album, Receivers (released in late 2008), they’ve injected their noisy tendencies with some more poppy song structures. What we have as a result is a bunch of infectious songs coated in layers of fuzz and powerful vocals.

But, then again, this isn’t one of those trendy lo-fi bands popping up so frequently nowadays. The songs are intricate affairs, relying on way more than a simple chord progression or two for the length of a track. A bunch of keyboards and other electronics become the centerpiece of most songs.

I don’t have much more to add, except a hearty recommendation to listen to all the tracks below. Those choruses are something else, I’ll tell ya.

Parts & Labor – “Nowhere’s Nigh” [MP3]

Parts & Labor – “Little Ones” [MP3]

Parts & Labor – “The Ceasing Now” [MP3]

Parts & Labor on MySpace

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