[MP3] Jon Hopkins remixes Headless Heroes, Alela Diane on vocals


Two Three awesome artists = one hell of a track. Jon Hopkins offered up this remix of a Headless Heroes track, “Hey, Who Really Cares” with Alela Diane on vocals. We’ve spoken plenty about both Hopkins and Diane here on KR, so it would be in your best interest to look around a bit and see what we had to say.

This song wanders and fades and weaves in and out of consciousness, with Diane’s warm vocals and Hopkins smooth rhythm to make for a delicate, yet fine listen. Cool stuff. In the past few months Hopkins has really come out of nowhere for me as a pleasant surprise. [Headless Heroes illustration by Irana Douer]

Headless Heroes (ft. Alela Diane) – “Hey, Who Really Cares (Jon Hopkins remix)” [MP3]

Headless Heroes on MySpace

1 comment to [MP3] Jon Hopkins remixes Headless Heroes, Alela Diane on vocals

  • This track is reducing me to a slobbering mess. Maybe cos I have other things going on. Yeah that’s it. GETTINGDUSTYINHER.

    Thanks for posting. I never woulda heard of Alela Diana.


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