In Case You Missed It: Week in Review


In case you were preparing for your sister’s wedding (cough….Jamie) or attending someone’s wedding (cough…Jamie), then you probably missed out on Knox Road this week (cough….______ insert certain KR author’s name). Here’s what went down: [image via Geocaching Online]

Logan Lynn to give us his latest electronic popdom in the fall.
Little Time, Lotta Shows (incl. Blind Pilot with Local Natives). Show ’em what you’re made of!
Jamie’s only post of the week is newsworthy (to him. I’m not a big fan): Arctic Monkeys announce new album.

Jon provides a sunshiney post with The Morning Benders’ “epitome of summer” pop.
Ed Harcourt’s folk/pop is on Lee’s mind.

Can a description of one song easily work to describe a seemingly opposite one?
New Regina Spektor MP3 from Far! New Reg mixed with old Reg.
Jon loves ominous music. Case in point: Erik Enocksson.

Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson covers Neutral Milk Hotel.
Pronouncing Logh can be really difficult. F you Wikipedia.

A marriage playlist for Jamie’s sister!
Max Richter = composer, scorer, and all around awesome.
Time for Chloë to take America by storm.

Saturday is Mary Stewart day. Folk/pop at it’s finest.

*Pick of the Week*
the Blisslist: “hello, is this thing on?” Fellow blogger, Liz, guest DJ’s on Breakthru Radio – with an incredible playlist.

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