Chloë’s back! Sorry Australia, it’s America’s turn


Doesn’t she just look ready? See, Chloë has quite an interesting back story, which provides hope for artists and musicians struggling to cope with the balance between pressures from record labels versus “making it on your own” with the music you want and expect.

About five years ago, Chloe was starting to hit the big-time at home in Melbourne, Australia. She had signed to Sony/Epic records, and her first single, “Stars”, came out to much fanfare and was highly celebrated. It was the kind of typical pop you’d expect from the “mainstream” – and therein lied the problem. Chloe’s talents lent themselves to much more than just what the general public saw as radio-friendly. But Epic was attempting to turn her into something she wasn’t, and it reached a breaking point after her music video for another single, “Crash”, was filmed. So Chloe had enough with the lack of authenticity and terminated her relationship with Epic, moving to America to try and make it herself.

Here’s where it all comes full circle. I was sitting at work yesterday, talking to an Aussie-accented woman I had never met before. We were working together on a project and were small talking our way through the little tasks. Well, turns out this woman was Chloe, and before I knew it, we were discussing her musical journey from Australia to America. But here’s the big news: she told me that just recently she finally received 100 percent ownership of her musical content from Epic for her unreleased album, Beyond Coming, which she plans on publicly dropping with a new American label in the next few months. Whether this will bring Chloe to stardom again, who knows, but what she’s done as an artist is certainly admirable.

She graciously provided me with a copy of Beyond Coming, which shows off her range of talent as a vocalist/guitarist/pianist and composer. These tracks (from Beyond Coming) are sure to excite anyone who appreciates pop/rock songs with striking vocals and elaborate instrumentation.

Chloë – “Run” [MP3]

Chloë – “White Bird” [MP3]

Chloë – “Blind Man” [MP3]

Chloë on MySpace

2 comments to Chloë’s back! Sorry Australia, it’s America’s turn

  • Doug and Jane Walton

    Great write up hope the ‘journey’ grows for Chloe. All three songs take us to another level in music. Good luck to both the magazine and Chloe from two devoted fans.

  • nami

    Chloe rocks!!!!!