And now for something completely different: Max Richter


Yeah, I know, this doesn’t fit in the traditional “indie” mold. But it’s gorgeous, incredible music, so bear with me. It’ll be worth it, promise.

Max Richter is a British composer; a modern classical composer, at that. His work is full of elements you’d expect in classical composition: piano, a wealth of strings, some horns and drums. He also dabbles in the occasional electronic element, as well.

To date, he has four solo albums, one of which (24 Postcards in Full Color) features 24 bite-sized songs made to be ring tones, and another (The Blue Notebooks) which features readings by none other than actress Tilda Swinton. He scored last year’s Waltz with Bashir, and his solo music has appeared in movies such as Stranger than Fiction.

But above all else, these tracks are remarkably moving, even when stripped down to just a piano, or a sighing group of strings. I’ve included one track from each of his four solo albums, in reverse chronological order. Put on some good headphones and take a listen.

Max Richter – “H. in New England” [MP3] (from 24 Postcards in Full Color)

Max Richter – “Autumn Music 2” [MP3] (from Songs from Before)

Max Richter – “On the Nature of Daylight” [MP3] (from The Blue Notebooks)

Max Richter – “Last Days” [MP3] (Oh, this one’s a doozy. From memoryhouse)

Max Richter on MySpace

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