I dunno, Wikipedia, I always pronounced it “Low.” Hooray for ignorance!


Logh – prounounced log, according to the truth factory that is Wikipedia – is a Swedish sextet that makes music that is widely classified as post-rock. But… eh. Don’t get me wrong, I love post-rock in all its forms, but Logh doesn’t strike me as a band that’s quite over that bridge.

What they are is a band that’s often quiet and slow-paced, usually hanging out around the piano and acoustic guitar. The vocals, which are a nearly constant presence, are confident but hushed at their loudest and barely whispered at their quietest. The snare drums are often brushed rather than smacked. But, thankfully, the songs rarely approach boring – poppier songs like “Saturday Nightmares” and “All the Trees” assuage many of those fears.

The MP3s here are all from the band’s 2007 release, North, which is also its most recent full-length. The band released an EP a little over a month ago, Death to my Hometown, which features three unreleased tracks. You can pick that up on iTunes.

…And that’s about all I got. Carry on.

Logh – “Saturday Nightmares” [MP3]

Logh – “Death to my Hometown” [MP3]

Logh – “The Invitation” [MP3]

Logh on Myspace

Purchase the Death to my Hometown EP

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