New Regina Spektor MP3 from upcoming album Far


Another catchy, eccentric, and unconventional Regina Spektor ditty from the soon-to-be-released (June 23), Far. See our previous post with two other new songs (“Laughing With” and “Blue Lips”) from Far here. This track is called “Folding Chair”, and hearkens back to the old weirdo Regina, mixed with the new semi-less weirdo Regina. Which Reg do you like better?

Regina Spektor – “Folding Chair” [MP3] (new!)

Regina on MySpace

[Big thanks to I Guess I’m Floating]

1 comment to New Regina Spektor MP3 from upcoming album Far

  • ashley

    i have a good feeling about this album. like, that every critic ever will give it maximum stars.
    god can be so hilarious


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