Erik Enocksson is ominous and I love it


Let’s get this out of the way while we can: in terms of love-it-or-hate-it voices, Erik Enocksson is one of the most polarizing artists this side of Tom Waits. Some cannot stand his delivery, which tends to become awfully strained when he moves outside of his range, and some can’t stomach the voice itself, which can be construed as a pained yowl.

It’s kind of hard to describe, but I personally find it perfect for the music he creates, which is a sort of minimalistic folk mostly centered around solo guitars and piano. The middle section of his mini-album, With its Dark Tail Curled ‘Round the Garage, is rife with these songs: short, somber tunes occasionally punctuated by welcome horn work.

The first and last tracks stand against the grain, though, being longer, carefully composed songs. Both of these, “Electricity” and “The Dark,” play around with silence as well as field recordings to achieve a curious sort of beauty that complements the other tracks nicely.

With its Dark Tail Curled ‘Round the Garage is streaming in full over on Enocksson’s MySpace, so be sure to give it a look-see.

Erik Enocksson – “The Flames” [MP3]

Erik Enocksson – “The State the Sea Left her in” [MP3]

Erik Enocksson – “The Dark” [MP3]

Erik Enocksson on MySpace

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