Ed Harcourt’s on my mind


A couple songs I’ve been listening to lately. Courtesy of London’s burgeoning (or maybe not. in the States? – thank you Jen) talent, Ed Harcourt. Purchase his most recent EP, Russian Roulette. He’s got the whole pop/folk charm down. I don’t really have much else to say currently soooo… that’s all.

Ed Harcourt -“Born in the 70’s” [MP3]

Ed Harcourt – “She Fell Into My Arms” [MP3]

Ed Harcourt on MySpace

3 comments to Ed Harcourt’s on my mind

  • Jen

    Ed Harcourt, wow. You just took me back to seventh grade. Nicely done. “Apple of My Eye” is great too.

    Also, is someone burgeoning if they released their first album eight years ago? Not to be rude, that’s just a curious use of the term.

    Lee Reply:


    I don’t think you’re being rude at all – thanks for your commentary. I can understand where you’re coming from, though Harcourt has a lot of stuff going on currently (and he’s been mentioned in several wider music circles) that he may really be hitting his stride now that he’s signed to Dovecote in the States. So I should’ve been more specific – he is gaining a wide following in the States now as well – it’s very tough to define “indie” vs. “popular” because they can sometimes be the same thing. I’m assuming you know your “indie” considering I took you back to seventh grade.

    Though, my other answer is that it’s quite possible I measured his audience completely inaccurately. 😉

    – Lee

  • Jen

    :) I actually really enjoyed this blog post because I had no idea he was even still around- it’s always great to see people from forever ago are still doing what they do best- I can’t wait to get his album.

    and you could say I was a “burgeoning” indie listener in the seventh grade…this was only a year after I sobbed (tears of joy/disbelief) my way through a Backstreet Boys concert. tweens are so fickle.