Pixies announce stupid European Doolittle tour

To recognize the 20 years since the release of their landmark album, Doolittle, the Pixies have decided to go on tour (!!) in Europe (…). The tour is actually pretty cool, they’re playing all the songs from Doolittle and the album’s B-sides and junk.

I know they’ve toured the states recently and that […]

St. Vincent, Andrew Bird announce tour dates

Two acclaimed musicians, Andrew Bird and St. Vincent, have decided to rock the very foundation this world rests upon by playing a string of shows together. Like, what? Awesome. If you haven’t heard Andrew Bird’s latest album, Noble Beast, or St. Vincent’s recent release, Actor, go do so now and then buy a […]

Dirty Projectors go into the woods for “Stillness is the Move”

Have you ever wanted to see Dave Longstreth inexplicably rotate while playing guitar? Have you ever wanted to pet a llama at the top of a cliff? Have you ever wanted to see the girls of Dirty Projectors dressed kinda like druids with parachute pants? Have you ever wanted HOLY SHIT IS THAT A […]

[MP3] New Beat Radio: “Behind The Blue”

Brian Sendrowitz, the lead man behind Beat Radio, sent us a few rough mp3s a little while ago out of the pure warmth of all human beings, and now is releasing one of them (my favorite of the bunch) to the general public. Catch “Behind The Blue”, with more of the typical, copyright […]

Explosions In The Sky performing at Central Park Summerstage June 30

Yeah. That’s tomorrow. At the Central Park Summerstage. Meaning outside in New York City. How often do you get to see one of the best-known live acts perform at such an incredible outdoors venue?? Just get there early; you’ll be facing quite the line. Don’t wanna drown in that old man’s B.O. in […]

The Scarlet Ending to play NYC July 14

Our Scarlet Ending friends will be playing a HUGE show in New York City in a mere two weeks (July 14), so I better see some loyal KR fans out there. I wish I could say I’d give you like an album or free tickets to a show, but alas, there may be a […]

In Case You Missed It: Week in Review

In case you missed it, Michael Jackson died. Here’s the rest of the week in review.

Monday: Matt Haeck’s acoustic pop prompts Lee to consider recent rise (?) of acoustic pop. Low is defined as slowcore, which means just south of nothing to Jon. What he does know is that he likes their […]

The O’Darling prepare to release first full-length

Remember when I gushed over those wonderful Canadians, The O’Darling, way back when and mentioned that they were in the process of recording a full-length album for spring/summer time? Well that time is finally coming to an end, as The O’Darling have mastered the tracks and are just about ready to drop the […]

The Decemberists + “Crazy on You” + professional recording = neat

The title says it all. Here’s a video of The Decemberists covering Heart’s “Crazy on You” in Minneapolis. I know a video of this cover has surfaced in the past, but this is, like, the real deal, mang.

But seriously. It’s great quality video, different angles, super good sound, all that jazz. The band’s […]

Beck covers more Velvet Underground: “I’m Waiting For The Man”

In Beck’s new “Record Club” project, he’s recording a bunch of covers with other musicians and stuff. His goal is to lay down albums worth of music in a short period of time. His first project is the Velvet Underground and the latest track is the infectious “I’m Waiting For The […]