Notable Album Release: Deastro – Moondagger


Well friends, we’ve got a talented up-and-comer on our hands. Next week, June 2, Deastro (Randy Chabot, from Detroit) will be releasing his new album, Moondagger. And yeah, I really hadn’t heard much about this Chabot figure until I found him on the IODA SXSW sampler. And his song, “Parellelogram,” absolutely floored me. Also, I was more inclined to like his music because there’s a really good ice cream place near my Boston hometown called Cabot’s. Cabot, Chabot same thing. I expected him to bring the good(ie)s.

Electronica with eager vocals and a hard hitting, distorted pop background, Deastro makes for a fun listen. So, while I don’t know much about Moondagger yet, I figured I’d make it one of my notable purchases next week. I bid you adieu with a couple mp3s.

Deastro – “Parallelogram” [MP3]

Deastro – “The Shaded Forest” [MP3]

Deastro on MySpace

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